Online Invoicing & Payments Trends For Security Guard Industry

Are you looking for ways to improve invoicing & payment process at your security guard company? If yes, well, look no further! Advancements in technology have brought us to this day where we can discuss with you the latest online invoicing software trends. So, don’t hold your breath anymore, read on to find out more. Online Invoicing & Payments Is The New Norm When online invoicing & payment was first introduced, not everyone was convinced of its capabilities & here we are today. More & more security guard companies have [...]

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How Are The Patrol Guard Duties Evolving With New Industry Trends?

Over the last few decades, almost every industry on planet earth has gone through drastic changes due to the involvement of life-changing technologies. One such industry that became an important part of the shift was the physical security industry, and it still is. From an advanced security patrol system to visitor management system trends began to enhance the role of a modern patrol guard, and here we are today. Though, another important aspect that apart from technology is responsible for bringing about the change in patrol guard duties is because [...]

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Real-Time Dispatch Software Trends To Be Aware Of

A real-time dispatch software has a vital role to play in the success of a security guard company. In fact, if a little thought is put into it, you’ll realize, a security guard company cannot be said to be fully functional without it, to provide the kind of security everyone deserves. Therefore, choosing the right real-time dispatch software that stands up to the high standards of the security industry becomes essential. To ensure that, one should be first of all aware of what exactly it is and what the industry [...]

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3 Gadgets Security Patrol Officer Must Try Their Hands On

Every security patrol officer whether armed or unarmed is dependent on a number of gadgets to get the job done. That is often dependent on the type of property being guarded. But today the industry is moving towards offering more specific solutions along with a higher level of integration and services. Reason being, world security trends are changing fast due to new technologies that are being introduced now and then. Therefore, the security companies are changing their needs, and the customers are changing too. But often in this process, it [...]

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Real Time GPS Tracker Trends You Need To Be Aware of In 2018

Over the years, real-time GPS tracker systems have gained huge popularity and momentum among numerous industries. How has the security industry become an essential part of that is no big surprise? Despite that, this technology as advanced as it may seem is still undergoing improvements, trying to make the lives of employees and employers simpler. With limitless possibilities, from efficiently managing fleet operations to security guard monitoring using guard tour monitoring system, the latest real-time GPS tracker trends can help increase productivity, and also save your money. So, here are [...]

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Time Clock System Trends To Make The Most Of In 2018

Time is the greatest asset of all in this world. You can lose all your money or even your business and still manage to get it back. But, time is irretrievable. It is one of the reasons why being in a security industry you have to be cautious while managing and tracking your workforce’s time using an efficient time clock system. Despite that, organizations face a tough challenge in getting the employees to complete timesheets and track their time. But, not anymore! It’s time to catch up on the latest [...]

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New Trends In Security Guard Scheduling That Are Here To Stay

Running a private patrol company involves a multitude of tasks. Among them, security guard scheduling is the one which can either break or make your business. The struggle is real, and we completely understand that. But the advanced technology that’s available now has simplified the scheduling process in many ways. Hence, long gone are the days when on-call scheduling was the only way. Now, all that matters is how smartly you utilize the technology to your advantage. All it requires is you staying up-to-date on the latest trends in security [...]

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Guardso Security Patrol Software: Ways to Countermeasure Physical Security Threats

Technology in the past few years has grown by leaps and bounds. It has completely changed the way world once used to work.  Yet, physical security is the one that can never get replaced. Threats pertaining to it today are as much real as they once were, be it at schools, concert venues, business or any other facility. So, the question arises what countermeasures can be taken using a security patrol software to mitigate potential physical security threats? Here are a few strategies where you can use security patrol software [...]

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How to Use Accountability of Security Guards System For a Successful Business

Accountability in today’s workplace regardless of organization or industry is critical to the success of all its employees and the business. Similarly, without it in a security guard company, not using the perfect security guards system, no client would want to depend on them to deliver the security guard services. And, then why should they? Often, due to lack of accountability, workplace environment falls apart, morale disintegrates, standards crumble, and trust dies. Would you want to send a message to your staff that low standards are ok? Definitely not! So, [...]

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5 Labor-Saving Technologies Being Employed in Every Private Patrol Company

There’s no stop to technology evolving at dizzying speed, but to expect it would be mere foolishness. Over the past few decades, it has tremendously transformed almost every job on the planet, and today, every private patrol company is proudly the part of that shift. It has evolved over time to include smartphones, high-end video surveillance cameras & drones, sophisticated integrated access control systems and it all still continues to evolve with the first versions of robot-guards. This shift, thus along with it has brought a significant change to the [...]

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Transform Your Security Patrol Operations With The Best Ever Guardso 3.0

 Guardso has always been focussed on raising the bar for patrol guard tour systems and outperforming its own set performance benchmarks. Aimed at becoming the best guard tour system, our committed team of developers is ready with the latest and all the more powerful Guardso 3.0.   It is built for serving the interests of all stakeholders- security managers, security guards, and the clients.The PPO dashboard, mobile app, and the client portal are stacked with better features for improving the levels of performance. This will enable the users to [...]

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5 Ways To Implement Data-Driven Decision Making Using A Patrol Guard Tour System

If you want to sustain and grow in the present competitive market, walking by assumptions can be fatal. A security firm must realize the value of a data-driven decision making and the utility of a patrol guard tour system in realizing this objective. Using a security reporting system is a smart strategy that makes it convenient for you to collect ground reports, and understand and analyze the on-site scenarios to make your business more competitive and agile. What follows are the ways you can incorporate data-driven decision making into your [...]

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