Time is the greatest asset of all in this world. You can lose all your money or even your business and still manage to get it back. But, time is irretrievable. It is one of the reasons why being in a security industry you have to be cautious while managing and tracking your workforce’s time using an efficient time clock system. Despite that, organizations face a tough challenge in getting the employees to complete timesheets and track their time. But, not anymore!

It’s time to catch up on the latest technology trends on time management using a time clock system. It will help you simplify all processes, from planning to managing as well as executing every single employee’s job in your private patrol company. Let’s get started, shall we?

Time management Trends Using Time Clock System:

  • Automated Time Tracker System

One of the main problems faced by the traditional, paper-based timesheets is that they take too long to complete. After a long day of work, it’s the last thing a guard would want to fill.  Therefore, online automated timesheets using the time clock system module of a guard management system as Guardso are here to make the process simple and more convenient.

This user-friendly system on the cloud provides the security guards with the ability to clock in and out using a mobile patrol app installed on their smartphone or tablet device. It also allows them to enter notes in real-time, saving them from the after-work inconvenience as caused by paper-based timesheets.

The data collected is automatically organized in the form of sheets, ready to be exported to excel and analyzed. However, this is not the only reason why you need a security guard time clock, because it is capable of integrating with various other functions to smoothly carry out your companies operations.

  • Smartphones On The Go

We all are living in an era where everything is within reach all thanks to the smartphones at the end of our hands. They have opened up various dimensions both personally and professionally. Therefore, the generation entering the workforce today is already accustomed to it to get instant information, anywhere, and anytime. So, incorporating it into the everyday work life of an employee have become mandatory.

Guardso guard management system, for instance, offers its clients a website portal to manage their workforce. To relay every bit of information to the security guards, it is dependent on its mobile patrol app. Not only it allows the guards to check-in and check-out using the time clock system module, but also track them & their breaks, schedule the shift they wish to work, confirm it, and much more from anywhere, at any time.

What better way can a smartphone be used to get work done by a security guard? Time tracking can be a draining process for both the management and the employees, especially if the job involves multitasking. Despite that, worry not because to implement the above time management trends all you’ll ever need is one amazing guard management system with a mobile patrol app for the smartphone on the go.