What Qualities Make a Good Security Guard

When you are hiring security guards, you are hiring them to serve a purpose. Whether they will be able to serve that purpose successfully depends on their qualities. If you want to have very good security guard service, then you must hire the right individual for the job. So, what qualities make a good security guard? And what should you look for in applicants? Integrity Integrity is the most essential quality you should look for in a security guard. You want guards that have a strong moral compass and will [...]

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Know The Various Types Of Security Guards

The roles of a security guard vary. That is why security guards are of different types. While some of these roles require normal training, others need in-depth as well as specialized instruction.  Patrol Security Guards Some clients want security guards to patrol a location or several locations. Patrol security guards are proficient in this as they are knowledgeable in dealing with the equipment provided by the security agency, and they are trained in driving a patrol vehicle. Patrol security guards are commonly visible in universities or colleges with large campuses. [...]

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Challenges Security Guard Companies Are Facing Due To Covid-19

COVID-19 is a pandemic that has hit businesses in every single sector and area hard. The security guard industry that had been immune to such situations in the past is facing its share of challenges financially. Thus, forcing the security guard companies to change their ways of managing the workforce and the way security services are delivered to better serve the clients and changed security needs. Here’s a list of a few challenges and ways Guardso guard tour system can help you over them. Increased Number Of No Shows Security guards [...]

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The Year In Review: Our Top Blog Posts For 2019

2020 is going to be fantastic! As we left behind a decade, we would like to take a look back over the top read content on Guardso blog that had our readers engaged and informed. Out of hundreds of posts, we covered the most read topics in each category, from security guard management to sales & marketing for every security guard and the security guard company. Enjoy the top most visited blog posts below with a short introduction - just in case you missed them! Security Guard Management How To [...]

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How Security Guard Management Technology Is Reshaping The Guard Industry?

Security guard management technology is evolving at a dizzying speed. Not so long ago, the security guard companies were completely dependent on paperwork, but today that’s not the case. Automating the security operations with the help of a security guard management technology & a mobile patrol app is not only making the manager’s job easier but also their security guards. Communicating with clients could have not got any less effortless. Security guard management technology is reshaping the security guard industry every single day in ways unimaginable. Here’s how we believe [...]

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Metrics That’ll Help Enhance Your Reputation As Security Guard Company

As a market player, it is implicit that you understand that the growth of your security guard company is directly related to your brand value. And a great brand comes from building a good reputation. A good reputation is an asset that does not reflect on your balance sheet but boosts the value of every asset listed in the account book. Apart from the quantitative criteria used to measure business results and growth, you need to define some metrics you can use to measure and enhance your reputation as a [...]

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Enterprise Security Risk Management: An Introduction To The Basics

Enterprise Security Risk Management or ESRM for long has been one of the most important initiatives undertaken by ASIS that has been designed to change the way security guard industry and every private security officer functions. Its philosophy encourages businesses to recognize that security-related tasks can affect all of their departments. It encourages to not think security as an afterthought, but a proactive way to make the organization resilient by protecting what keeps it running. Enterprise Security Risk Management: What Is It? Enterprise Security Risk Management, as the name suggests, [...]

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The 5 Best Labor-Saving Technologies A Private Patrol Company Can Employ

Over the past few decades, technology has evolved at a dizzying speed transforming almost every job on the planet, and no private patrol company is untouched. While the physical security is witnessing a paradigm shift in technology, with the growing use of smartphones, high-end video surveillance cameras & drones, sophisticated integrated access control systems and the first versions of robot-guards, labor costs still take a major part in expense split of almost every private patrol company. The best way to keep the labor costs under control is to incorporate the [...]

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How To Implement Data-Driven Decision Making Using A Patrol Guard Tour System?

If you want to sustain and grow in the present competitive market, walking by assumptions can be fatal. A security firm must realize the value of data-driven decision making and the utility of a patrol guard tour system in realizing this objective. Using a security reporting system is a smart strategy that makes it convenient for you to collect ground reports, and understand as well as analyze the on-site scenarios to make your business more competitive and agile. What follows are the ways you can incorporate data-driven decision making into [...]

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Using Accountability Of Security Guards System To Thrive Your Business

Accountability in today’s workplace regardless of organization or industry is critical to the success of all its employees, and the business itself. And without a powerful security guards system for a security guard company to rely on, it’s tough for any client to trust the security guard services being provided. And, then why should they? Often, due to lack of accountability, the workplace environment falls apart, morale disintegrates, standards crumble, and trust dies. Would you want to send a message to your staff that low standards are ok? Definitely not! [...]

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Online Invoicing & Payments Trends For Security Guard Industry

Are you looking for ways to improve invoicing & payment process at your security guard company? If yes, well, look no further! Advancements in technology have brought us to this day where we can discuss with you the latest online invoicing software trends. So, don’t hold your breath anymore, read on to find out more. Online Invoicing & Payments Is The New Norm When online invoicing & payment was first introduced, not everyone was convinced of its capabilities & here we are today. More & more security guard companies have [...]

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How Are The Patrol Guard Duties Evolving With New Industry Trends?

Over the last few decades, almost every industry on planet earth has gone through drastic changes due to the involvement of life-changing technologies. One such industry that became an important part of the shift was the physical security industry, and it still is. From an advanced security patrol system to visitor management system trends began to enhance the role of a modern patrol guard, and here we are today. Though, another important aspect that apart from technology is responsible for bringing about the change in patrol guard duties is because [...]

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