Security guard management technology is evolving at a dizzying speed. Not so long ago, the security guard companies were completely dependent on paperwork, but today that’s not the case. Automating the security operations with the help of a security guard management technology & a mobile patrol app is not only making the manager’s job easier but also their security guards. Communicating with clients could have not got any less effortless.

Security guard management technology is reshaping the security guard industry every single day in ways unimaginable. Here’s how we believe it has in the past, is currently, and will continue to make a difference in the future.

Improve Overall Compliance

One of the greatest benefits of being a client today is that you will be heard. What you want is what you will get. Security guard companies are today making use of the security guard management technology to ensure that.

In the case of Guardso, how post-orders shared by clients even during the patrol can be easily edited and updated in real-time is the perfect example. A client can rest assured of outstanding security services from a security guard company equipped with such a powerful technology.

Live Guard Tour Reports

Security guard management technology, today, with the help of a mobile patrol app is allowing the security guards to easily create & share guard tour reports. The mobile patrol app, like that of Guardso, comes equipped with a wide variety of templates. They further help evolve the process by providing relevant information. Thus adding more value at each location.

High Efficiency & Effectiveness

Managing security operations is not an easy task. A security manager will certainly agree with us on that. The reason being, security guard scheduling. Ensuring the right security guard is assigned to the right place with the right skills and at the right time is a work of art.

But the security guard management technology today is simplifying the process to such an extent that it eliminates any scope of human error. Thus reducing unnecessary overtime and employee turnover. It further allows communicating the schedules & changes therein in real-time.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Security guard management technology is no longer only designed to streamline security operations. Today, it offers a unique way in the form of a client portal to connect with the clients to keep them updated about everything happening on-site in real-time. Clients having all the vital information without asking from security guard companies can help enhance client satisfaction unlike anything else.

Property & Personnel Protection

One of the main job security guards on client sites are entrusted with is patrolling. In order to ensure the property & personnel are well protected while doing so, security guard management technology plays a vital role.

A visitor management system incorporated within it can allow the security guards to keep track of visitors and decrease unauthorized access. NFC tag or QR code-based guided site tours can make sure that every corner of the property is thoroughly patrolled to enhance security.


Guard Safety & Security

The safety & security of not only the client’s property & personnel matters but also of the security guards working on-site. To ensure that the security guard management technology is making it better through its effective patrol monitoring system.

It makes sure the security managers are always updated about the location & movement of the security guards. In addition to the security patrol monitoring system, mobile patrol app equipped messenger & the panic button allows communicating when in trouble.

Cloud-Based Data Backup

Cloud storage-based security guard management technology over the past few years has taken over the industry by storm. Today it is creating new opportunities for security guard companies in a way unimaginable.

They can effortlessly store all their data in a completely organized manner, thus making it easier to find information much faster. The same information collected from client sites can be used in case of litigations effectively.

Security Guard Training

Training has always been essential. But how can a piece of technology help? Is that what you’re wondering? Well, the security guard management technology can provide detailed insight into the on-site activities. By analyzing the same data and the recent trends, security guards can be trained to mitigate risks better in the future.

If training security guards to understand & use these systems could be the problem, they are easy to use. Basic training during the on-boarding process can be enough and then continue education as technology changes.

Security guard management technology, with time, is becoming more than just a guard management system. There is no denying this fact, and it’s going to get better. But for that, we’ll have to wait and watch.