Most managers focus on improving the efficiency of their back-office team in order to streamline the work of their security guard company. There’s no denying that improving this area is vital, but optimizing the time of your security guards is also essential.

Many security companies use security guard management apps, and they have experienced a powerful positive impact. These apps increase guard accountability and streamline many tasks associated with guard patrols, which helps to optimize time for your entire security team. This enables a security guard company and its manager to deliver greater results and gain and retain more clients.

Here are a few ways a security guard app can help your security guards and impact the security service you provide.

Simplifies Reporting

Security guard apps such as GuardsPro simplify the reporting process, which helps to optimize the time of your guards. These smart apps eliminate the need for filling out a paper report and enable guards to easily provide necessary data in a customizable form.

These reporting form also has marked key fields, filling which are must to ensure all necessary data is submitted. These systems also automate timestamps and location-based information to reduce the workload of a security guard.

When the hassles associated with standard reporting reduce, your security guards become more focused on their essential work and optimize their time better.

Improve Guards Accountability

Guard accountability is a big concern as there is no way for a manager to know if the guards arrive on time and finish their shifts as expected. However, these are the concerns of the past. The modern security guard management app uses GPS tracking technology that allows the manager and the back-office staff to know where their guards are and what they are doing.

This software has geo-fencing and digital checkpoints to keep the back-office staff updated with alerts. This technology delivers an alert whenever a guard doesn’t arrive at a checkpoint on time or leaves the designated area.

Such measures not only increase accountability but also enables the guards to deliver optimal performance.

Instant And Improved Communication

When dealing with unexpected circumstances, it is essential to make sure that your security guards and the back-office team can quickly communicate and collaborate.

This communication could involve emergency support to another site or a change in shift assignment. Instant communication is enabled by security guard apps, so the back-office team can deliver necessary messages and updates through the app.

It also allows the guard to acknowledge the message, helping them to quickly follow any given instruction. When guards are assigned with a time-sensitive order, such an app is a must.

Get The Best Out Of Your Team’s Time With GuardsPro

As you may have already understood from the above discussion that a security guard app such as GuardsPro can help optimize the time of security operations and your security guards. This will allow your guards to be more focused on their patrol, delivering the service your clients expect. And when your team delivers high-quality work consistently, you will see an increase in client retention and gain more clients.