The roles of a security guard vary. That is why security guards are of different types. While some of these roles require normal training, others need in-depth as well as specialized instruction. 

Patrol Security Guards

Some clients want security guards to patrol a location or several locations. Patrol security guards are proficient in this as they are knowledgeable in dealing with the equipment provided by the security agency, and they are trained in driving a patrol vehicle. Patrol security guards are commonly visible in universities or colleges with large campuses. Oil companies hire patrol security guards as well to patrol the pipeline. 

Contract Security Guards

These are the typical security guards that you are familiar with. They are trained in most basic skills of guarding the entry point as well as patrolling the property. Additionally, they also tend to be good at social interaction. They have emergency skills to deal with people and crisis situations. 

When you get contract security guards, make sure they are licensed. 

Surveillance Security Guards

Surveillance security guards are proficient in technology. They set up the technology security solution at your location and also sit at the surveillance monitoring station to observe any suspicious activity. 

Fire Watch Security Guards

Fire watch security guards are trained professionals, and they look out for potential signs of fire or fire hazards. 

Personal Security Guards

If you feel threatened with your life and need protection, you can hire a personal security guard. Usually, they wear plain clothes to blend in. 

Alarm Response Security Guards

These security guards stay on standby, and they respond to any alarm that goes off from the client’s property. This helps to deal with any criminal violation immediately. Calling the fire department service and getting their timely intervention can prevent most fires from blazing out of control. 

There are various types of security guards available, and they serve different purposes. Know the various types of security guards and understand which one you need.