As a market player, it is implicit that you understand that the growth of your security guard company is directly related to your brand value. And a great brand comes from building a good reputation. A good reputation is an asset that does not reflect on your balance sheet but boosts the value of every asset listed in the account book.

Apart from the quantitative criteria used to measure business results and growth, you need to define some metrics you can use to measure and enhance your reputation as a security guard company. Be warned, though, reputation is not built in a day. It takes continuous and careful efforts. So, before you set to define the metrics to boost your  business reputation, make sure they are SMART:

S- Specific
M- Measurable
A- Attainable
R- Relevant
T- Time-sensitive

Reputation affects your business from the client’s end, so you need to check your business from their point of view. Now let us have a look at the top metrics useful to your security guard company:

1. Customer Retention Rate

More than the number of your present clients, the period for which they choose to work with you is reflective of the quality of your services and the efficiency in security guards management. What a customer looks for is how well the situations are tackled on the site and in what time frame he is informed of any incidents on-site or regular reports for that matter.

Using a security patrol system ensures that the client can access real-time reports and provide feedback. This creates greater satisfaction for the client, making him stay longer with your business and increases the chances of getting recommendation. This generates more business for you based on your present services delivered.

2. Security Patrol System Used

Do you still use pagers? No, right. So why to stay stuck with an outdated way of managing work? It is about choosing smart technology. Using a security guards management system like Guardso ensures that you stay ahead of your game and can focus on improving your services rather than wasting time in organizing heaps of paperwork.

It matters to your prospective clients how you manage your business. Efficiency in security guards management reflects how efficiently you manage your services. Being a technologically sound business creates a positive outlook towards your security guard company.

3. Trained Guards And Guard Turnover Rates

A smart client will always choose a security guard company that can provide trained guards, whether armed or unarmed, who are capable of tackling any disruptions. Apart from creating a sense of security in the mind of the client, training also boosts the morale of the security guards.

Security guards perform exceptionally when they are engaged in their work. A security patrol system ensures that the security manager can keep track of their activities, and they are rewarded based on their performance. This lowers the guard turnover rates and ensures you never fall short on manpower requirements.

4. Risk Management Strategy

Your risk management strategy comes into play in the time of crisis. It is important for your guards and the clients, how your security guard company chooses to manage risk and communicate crucial information to the immediate stakeholders in real-time.

All parties need to have a clear idea of what has to be done in case of any disruptions to minimize any damage. A robust strategy ensures that your guards and customers’ property is safe, and this is what matters. A business that cares about its employees and customers equally creates an impeccable reputation in the long run.

5. Response Time

How quickly and clearly you can respond to mayday, can mean the difference between building credibility for your services and shattering your reputation. Putting a state-of-the-art security patrol system such as Guardso into use makes sure no guard is never secluded, and the dispatcher can summon the officers present in the vicinity whenever a lone officer needs external aid.

This ensures that all the guards are trackable at all times and also equipped with a panic button on the mobile patrol app to call for help in distress, ensuring their safety. After all, if the guard hurt themselves while on duty, this won’t paint a very good image for the business.


A good reputation comes handy not only when making sales pitches but also helps in the retention of your present client contracts and thus acting as a foundation for the expansion and growth of your business.