The past method of (DARs) or daily activity reports required filling out paperwork upon paperwork and the papers were filled with what the guard remembered regarding what happened during the day. Because of this method, oftentimes, incidents were filed inappropriately, events were misunderstood, and annoyed managers sought information that guards failed to provide.

The dark ages of DAR were shown the light by the digitalization of reporting through spreadsheets or more intuitive security guard daily activity report software. This has vastly improved the way security companies manage the daily activity reporting of their guards.

How do you know which DAR solution is the best choice for your security company? Here are 2 key aspects that will help you understand.

  1. Daily Activity Reports must be part of a larger whole. It can’t be a one-off solution.
  2. Reports must be user-friendly for managers, guards, and clients.

Daily Activity Reports and Security Guard Management

The bread and butter of reporting are the daily activity reports. They keep the day-to-day operations running in an orderly fashion and helps to prevent larger incidents from occurring.

DARs are a part of a practical approach to risk management, and they fetch value in the form of KPIs. And KPIs ensure that managers are gauging the right guard activities. This helps to form better methods with actionable insights and provides overall situational responsiveness across managed sites.

When looking for the best DAR solution, remember that all reporting must give back value: KPIs and Risk Management.

Easy Reporting

What good is digital reporting if it’s not easy? All digital reporting systems are not the same. While using a digital version of a paper-based DAR is tempting, having a comprehensive reporting experience requires much more.

For example, you can configure DAR to help regulate processes such as SOPs, guard response, and any regulatory function requiring the issuance of a report.

Once DARs are configured, they will assist managers in running standardized processes across all sites. One report can enable your guards to answer the right questions – even with the same standard reporting requirements and fields.

With an easy DAR system, your guards won’t have a steep learning curve and will have a good experience. You will have access to modules that can help to ensure your guards are following reporting procedures, including:

  • Interacting with the public
  • Reporting critical incidents
  • Listening and communicating to gain appropriate information

An additional advantage to having usable DARs is that you will be able to provide your clients with transparency and accurate information in the form of automated reports.

What Can You Expect From Your DARs in 2022?

Technological shifts towards remote capabilities and automation can improve overall operations. The day-to-day activities of a security guard company will vastly improve with a DAR solution. DARs are an essential tool for proactive management. It can give you control over your operations and ultimately improve visibility.