2020 is going to be fantastic! As we left behind a decade, we would like to take a look back over the top read content on Guardso blog that had our readers engaged and informed. Out of hundreds of posts, we covered the most read topics in each category, from security guard management to sales & marketing for every security guard and the security guard company.

Enjoy the top most visited blog posts below with a short introduction – just in case you missed them!

Security Guard Management

  • How To Write Well-Defined Security Guard Incident Reports Every Time?
    Security guard incident reports serve as one of the most vital documentations in the security guard industry. If guards are aware of how to write them perfectly every time, they can effectively provide detailed information about events not only to the management but also to the clients. Here’s a quick guide for them to do it easily.
  • How To Ensure Scheduled Mobile Security Patrols Aren’t Missed By Guards?
    Missed mobile security patrols can hurt your business. It can take away from a security guard company it’s most faithful clients just like that. So, if that’s the problem you’re dealing with at the moment, and have no control over it, Guardso guard tour system is the one-stop solution you need.

Guard Tour Features

  • The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Security Guard Time Clock
    Chasing down security guard timesheets every week and spending more time checking their accuracy can turn into a cumbersome task for your managers. The simpler way is to invest in a guard tour system with an integrated security guard time clock. The same system you use to post schedules can also be used as a clocking system for security guards to ensure the execution of tasks.
  • Scheduling Made Easy With Guardso Security Guard System
    Putting together a security guard’s schedule and totaling up the hours is among one of the most dreaded tasks with a high probability of committing mistakes. You’ll agree to this fact, in case you are still manually performing them, instead of using the scheduler module of a guard tour system. It is time to start leveraging such software, so you start spending your time on more important things like supervision or client contact.
  • GPS Tour Monitoring System: Why Your Guard Tour App Should Have One?
    If you aim to provide better security services to your customer & ease the way you manage your security operations, incorporating a security patrol solution is not enough. It should be equipped with a GPS tour monitoring system to enhance reliability, increase efficiency, & improve the safety level as a whole. With this post, dig deeper to know why your security patrol solution should also include it.

Security Guard Training

  • Why It’s Important To Train Your Private Security Guards?
    Training is an essential part of ensuring that quality security guard services are delivered every time. There are numerous ways in which it promotes the efficiency of your personnel while benefiting your bottom line effectively. Do not commit the mistake of not focusing on training, instead learn right now why it’s important.
  • Areas You Ought To Cover During Security Guard Training
    As the competition grows serious, every security guard company out there is pushing its limits, to provide the best security guard services. For you to ensure you live up to those high standards, there is no better way than ensuring the guards are trained in certain areas to optimize your security operations.

Security Guard Services

Guard Safety & Wellbeing

  • Legal Limitations Every Private Security Guard Should Be Aware Of
    A private security guard performs a lot of activities similar to that of a police officer, but he does not have the same rights and obligations as that of a police officer. He may be in a uniform but is not a public servant. He operates as a private citizen with certain legal limitations that all your private security guards must be aware of.
  • This Is What Efficient Patrol Security Guards Do To Adjust To Night Shifts
    The struggle of adjusting to night shifts by patrol security guards is exhausting both physically & mentally. After all, it takes more than just flip-flopping sleep schedules. If not done right, it can affect job performance and also their health & life outside of work. For you, we’ve jotted down 5 tried & tested tips to help you adjust to night shifts.

Sales & Marketing

  • Making A Sales Pitch To Private Security Patrol Client? Avoid These Mistakes
    It’s important to sell your security guard services as flawlessly as possible to stand out in a very competitive and crowded industry. One little mistake could send your private security patrol client running. The good news is that these errors are avoidable. But for that to happen, you should be aware of what those mistakes are and how you can overcome them. Get detailed insight into it in this blog.
  • How To Market Your Security Guard Company On A Budget?
    Despite providing the most responsive security guard services using the best guard tour system, are people still not aware of your security guard company? You’ll need marketing strategies to cut through the noise to reach them. If you are worried about the budget, we’ve got the best strategies listed down for you all to implement on a budget.

Customer Services

  • Strategies You Got Know To Enhance Your Customer Service Standards
    When customers are willing to pay heftily for a security service you are offering, extra measures should be taken to ensure to improve their experience. To make that possible, you will need to set high customer service standards. It will build credibility & allow you to get more recommendations. Take a look into what strategies you can use to enhance your customer service standards.
  • How To Choose The Right Customer Service For Your Private Security Company?
    At the end of the customer service is what can make or break the reputation of your private security company. Which is why to provide the best customer service to your customers, you should first be aware of the types, so as to choose the one most befitted for your private security company. Here’s your chance to do that.

Industry Trends

  • How To Implement Data-Driven Decision Making Using A Patrol Guard Tour System?
    Walking by assumptions can be fatal, especially if you want to sustain & grow in the present competition. As a security guard company, you must realize the value of data-driven decision making & the utility of a patrol guard tour system in realizing this objective. That’s what this blog post is all about. Different ways for you can incorporate data-driven decision making into your process using a patrol guard tour system.
  • Online Invoicing & Payments Trends For Security Guard Industry
    If you are looking for ways to improve your invoicing & payment process, look no further. Advancement in technology has brought us to this day, where we can discuss with you the latest online invoicing software trends. When it was first introduced, not everyone was convinced of its capabilities & here we are today. Find out more about the subject in this blog.

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