Mobile patrol apps for security guards present a variety of benefits, such as greater control over schedules and the ability to work remotely. They also help in delivering reports and instant information regarding the site. This, in turn, leads to increased efficiency and productivity. Security guards can also access schedule information, check-in/out, swap shifts, chat with each other, and do much more. Let’s take a look at the advantages of switching to mobile patrol apps for security guards.

Various Uses

A mobile patrol app is designed for multi-purpose uses. Typically, they enable a guard to contact authorities, immediately report activity, check-in/out and more. Guards can also chat with other guards or have a group chat using their mobile patrol app. With an app that packs so many important tools, guards can cut down on the number of devices they need.

Easy Reporting And Tracking

Tracking and reporting are two other features that are found on mobile patrol apps. These features can provide great value to the guards as well as the security company. Tracking uses smartphone GPS technology and helps to track guards at all times. Tracking guards help keep detailed reports of guard movements and patrols in case it becomes necessary for legal reasons.

Reporting is another excellent feature that is available on these apps. This feature enables security guards to go paperless when it comes to reporting. Autofill and customized reports also cut down on errors and also save a significant amount of time. Reports can be securely saved and sent to the proper sources after completion.

Planning And Scheduling Patrols Becomes Easy

The design of mobile patrol apps also enables management and scheduling. Managers can quickly create specific jobs and schedules and assign them to guards. This allows for speedy action and helps avoid any potential confusion. Quick changes can also be made as necessary.

Notes can also be added for guards, such as concerns from a client or specific instructions. These help to improve service as well as reduce guard liability. Guards can pass shifts to others and also attach reminders or notes of their own.

These mobile apps also log guards in, log time clocks, and track time on site, helping increase accuracy. This allows managers to quickly view and approve multiple reports, which save more time.

No Audio Cues Are Required

Mobile patrol apps offer vibration or silent functions for alerts, which allows for silent communication when necessary. This is useful for security guards when communication without noise could be the best course of action or for someone who prefers to remain silent on patrol. Guards can send messages to other guards or team members silently when needed.

Easy Communication With Clients

Security and patrol apps may also offer client-friendly portals, allowing for quick communication with clients. Clients may also be able to view logs or tracking, allowing them to know what guards are doing. This not only proves the value of your security services but also provides peace of mind to your clients.

GuardsPro Mobile Patrol App

If you are looking for a feature-rich mobile patrol app that will make your guards more efficient, productive, and accountable, then GuardsPro is the answer. It is an excellent app that can make life easier for both managers as well as guards. GuardsPro mobile patrol app can provide your guards with many advantages that will result in better security service. To learn more about GuardsPro, contact us today.