Over the past few decades, technology has evolved at a dizzying speed transforming almost every job on the planet, and no private patrol company is untouched.

While the physical security is witnessing a paradigm shift in technology, with the growing use of smartphones, high-end video surveillance cameras & drones, sophisticated integrated access control systems and the first versions of robot-guards, labor costs still take a major part in expense split of almost every private patrol company.

The best way to keep the labor costs under control is to incorporate the labor-saving technologies that can bring about a significant change in the efficiency levels.

Let’s discuss them in detail:

1. Integrated System Access

Are you aware of what security companies do to save themselves from the troubles caused by false alarms, apart from charging penalties? Video verification.
It helps them curb the issue with precision causing fewer, but necessary dispatches only.

It is considered only as efficient as the quality of the images produced, but the issue is resolved with the availability of high-resolution data retrieval and analysis. Also, mobile integrated apps such as Guardso have made it far easier to view watch mode video feeds shared by the guards directly from the post sites.

2. Mobile App Integrated Monitoring

  • With security guard tour systems integrating with smartphones, the general operations of security companies, as well as the roles and responsibilities of security guards, are being redefined.
  • The days are long gone when the security manager had to be glued to the screens to monitor the activities of the guards.

Guardso Live Dashboard empowers the supervisor to: 

  • Track the on-site presence and movement of guards with GPS tracking
  • Be notified in real-time on deviations from the scheduled shifts- early or late check-ins and no-shows
  • Access reports in real-time submitted by the guards from post-sites

The Guardso Mobile App is a powerful tool in the hands of the guards which makes it possible for the guards to:

  • Access schedules, post orders, tasks
  • Check-in and out of post sites according to the shifts
  • Execute site tours with NFC tag and QR code scanning
  • Send in reports in real-time

3. Video & City Surveillance Integrated Mobile Cameras

Mobile cameras are perfect, even when they can’t take the place of your guards. Their feed can be integrated with the city surveillance to turn it into access control, evidence collection, and a live mass notification system just as Guardso security guard management system works. Eventually, helping cut back on administration staffing needs by simply automating the storage of the data collected, processing it all along with information aggregation.

4. The Data-Driven Analytics Software

Employing an integrated security system such as security guard reporting software combined with data-driven analytics lets you distribute the human resources more efficiently.

The Guardso security guard reporting software collects relevant and actionable data from the client sites, and that can easily be analyzed to

  • Strategize scheduling based on the client and site requirements
  • Determine workforce requirements
  • Manage regular and overtime guard hours
  • Deploying skilled security guards based on the incident history of the post site, and more.

The Guardso security guard reporting software directly places the critical data in your hands so that you make well-informed decisions for your private patrol company.


5. Drones

Drones are one of the most interesting high-end evolving technologies that provide an ideal solution to the problems and limitations usually faced by other surveillance methods.

Presently, drones are already being used for national security. And their probability to end up becoming a private 24/7 security patrol solution is high given there are improvements in the battery life.

All a private patrol company would need, in addition to a drone, would be security guards skilled enough to handle the technology efficiently cutting down the staffing requirements quite significantly.

While business intelligence calls for the adoption of the security guard tour system that is impressive as never before, the private patrol companies that seem to be hesitant in adopting new technology may be risking losing to the efficient competitors who’ve integrated technology into their security operations.