COVID-19 is a pandemic that has hit businesses in every single sector and area hard. The security guard industry that had been immune to such situations in the past is facing its share of challenges financially. Thus, forcing the security guard companies to change their ways of managing the workforce and the way security services are delivered to better serve the clients and changed security needs. Here’s a list of a few challenges and ways Guardso guard tour system can help you over them.

Increased Number Of No Shows

Security guards not showing up for the shift is a situation no security guard company can have control over. This may cause even the confirmed shifts to be vacant shifts and payment cuts from clients paying on an hourly basis.

Guardso scheduler gives an overview of all the security guards available and time off requests for you to be able to fill in last-minute requirements quickly. Guards also have the flexibility to swap shifts with other security guards using Guardso Mobile App. This way they can avoid no-show due to unforeseen emergencies.

Effective Guard Replacement

After no show, the greatest challenge security guard companies will face is replacing their sick security guards or who didn’t show up with someone who has the same skills, capabilities, as well as training. Despite the similarities in the core basics, you simply can’t replace a guard with experience in a completely different market sector.

To ensure service continuity that will be expected by all your clients and will further contribute to their retention, you will need a guard tour system like Guardso. Its skill set scheduling feature will enable you to quickly find a replacement for the guards to be scheduled seamlessly & immediately while also ensuring no guard is swamped with extra shifts.

On-Site Guard Supervision

If your company preferred on-site supervision, this might not be the case anymore. The pandemic has pushed security managers to supervise the on-site workforce remotely, maybe even from home.

Using the Guardso guard tour system, your supervisors can proactively not only manage security guards on different client sites but also minimize their own risk of contracting the virus. The supervisors can schedule guards, update shifts, track guards on-site with GPS tracking, communicate directly with guards using messenger, monitor guard hours, attendance, receive reports, and relay instructions using post orders right from the Live Dashboard.

Change In Demand Of Services

Throughout the world, the pandemic has caused a lot of companies to temporarily close down offices, which have forced their employees to work from home. This has caused fluctuating security demands. While some businesses are downscaling to just one or two guards on shift, others may only require only random patrols on site.  

Guard Tour System

Retail businesses & commercial complexes are choosing to rely solely on their alarm system, creating a demand for security guards experienced in handling access systems and monitoring devices. On the other hand, the security demand has surged in healthcare facilities and due to an overwhelming number of people visiting, or commercial buildings that need dedicated security services to keep their assets secure.

Set Up Robust Communication Plan

Communication amid pandemic for security guard companies will have to take a whole new dimension for business stability. Companies relying on offline modes will have to switch to online methods really quickly and streamline operations through a reliable guard tour system. Communication includes sharing quick instructions, post orders, tasks, change in schedules, and ensuring reports keep coming in regularly.

Guardso, with its Live Dashboard for the security managers and guard tour mobile app for the guards, ensures that the communication chain never breaks. All communication happens paperless and in real-time. For handling emergency calls coming in from clients, tenants, or other occupants, the dispatcher can connect with on-site guards in real-time and manage dispatch tickets stress-free.

Invest In Additional Training

Security guard companies must invest in providing additional training to security guards to ensure they can execute scheduled shifts without risking their own safety on client sites. So they can know all about the basics of dealing with the pandemic – how to handle PPE kits & work with thermal scanners. In fact, in these times where some guards might not be required to actively participate, they can train younger guards & boost their morale to deliver outstanding security services.

The security guard training can be conducted remotely focusing not only on current events but also on its impact on how security guard duties have evolved due to it. They should have a clear understanding of threats & risks and how to de-escalate various situations. Make sure to provide clear and concise messages as to what is expected of them while on duty so they are not at risk when protecting client sites.

Develop An Emergency Response Plan

There are various factors that security guard companies can have no control over. But there are various things you can do to be prepared to deal with the pandemic situation. One such thing is to prepare yourself to better respond to emergencies by developing a strategic response plan. Not having one at the moment, can affect your business continuity plans.

In fact, help prepare your business clients to create their own security programs to handle such situations in the future. Doing this will enable you to deliver uninterrupted security services during the pandemic and ensure business continuity. For instance, what protocols to follow when an alarm system on a client site is reported and more.

What challenges are your security guard company facing and how are you dealing with it, do leave a comment below to let us know.