If you want to sustain and grow in the present competitive market, walking by assumptions can be fatal. A security firm must realize the value of data-driven decision making and the utility of a patrol guard tour system in realizing this objective.

Using a security reporting system is a smart strategy that makes it convenient for you to collect ground reports, and understand as well as analyze the on-site scenarios to make your business more competitive and agile.

What follows are the ways you can incorporate data-driven decision making into your processes using a patrol guard tour system:

1. Access To Exact Performance Data

How do you measure and analyze performance without security reporting software? You tend to depend on manually updated spreadsheets and reports that are susceptible to errors. Don’t you? These methods have become obsolete. Today, a patrol guard tour system like Guardso makes it easier for the guards to update on-site reports from their smartphones using the Guardso mobile app.

This allows the security manager to know how well the scheduled patrols are executed and keep deviations under control. Taking the deviations into account, you can analyze the reasons and schedule or reschedule the patrols to ensure that the patrols are created to encourage maximum compliance. Further, features like GPS tracking & geofence enhance field visibility that addresses accountability and discourages guards skipping patrol sites.

2. Fact-Based Incident Reports

Sites differ in their vulnerability to violence and disruptions. What a security reporting software does here is, it gives you the power to keep a close watch on the incidents for each individual site specifying the frequency of trespassing, theft, break-in, and fire alarm.

This helps you decide how many security guards to deploy at what site and of what skill level. Since Guardso’s scheduling software allows pre-defining guard skill sets in the system, you can effortlessly schedule your guards based on it. Additionally, remember to schedule more frequent patrols to critical sites to check any disruptions.

3. Concern Areas Highlighted Through Client Feedback

Ignoring client feedback is not the smartest client retention strategies. A security reporting software like Guardso is designed to streamline communication with the clients by giving you the flexibility to deliver on-site reports to them after approval from your side. This cut downs the need to print and mail/fax the reports saving time and effort.

Guardso client portal further ensures the client gets reports on time, which allows him to stay abreast with the services provided on his premises. The client can provide feedback and point out areas of his concern, giving you the insight into his expectations so that you can improve on the planning aspect. As regards to the execution side, security guard time clock will guarantee that the planned patrols are executed.

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4. Address Deviations With Detailed Site Tour Reports

The security guards execute their duties at remote sites, and therefore, it may not be possible for the security manager to check them in person. A patrol guard tour system that supports security guard time clock, geofence, GPS tracking, along with NFC tags & QR codes makes it possible for the manager to track guards check-in/out, when they are on-site, their live location, and what part of scheduled patrols are completed.

Make informed decisions while scheduling and rescheduling patrols. Access the right accurate data concerning your guard’s movement during patrol tours using Guardso.

5. Gain Insight Into On-Field Scenario With Pass Down Log

A patrol guard tour system gives you the power to quickly access the pass-down logs as they are created by the security guards. You can find out details about individual pass-down entries and know important information your security guards are sharing with each other while on post sites.

Similarly, Guardso messenger, which is another great feature allows the guards, managers, & admins to communicate live on a post site. This gives you access to valuable information, giving you a deeper understanding of on-site scenarios that may not reflect in the reports.

Gathering data is one aspect of decision making. A patrol guard tour system helps you identify the key performance areas by providing insightful data, that has to be further analyzed to make decisions based on facts, not assumptions.