Running a private patrol company involves a multitude of tasks. Among them, security guard scheduling is the one which can either break or make your business. The struggle is real, and we completely understand that. But the advanced technology that’s available now has simplified the scheduling process in many ways. Hence, long gone are the days when on-call scheduling was the only way.

Now, all that matters is how smartly you utilize the technology to your advantage. All it requires is you staying up-to-date on the latest trends in security guard scheduling. Are you ready?

3 Security Guard Scheduling Trends To Try Right Now:

  • Transparency In Security Guards Availability

The first step towards getting security guard tour scheduling right begins with the availability of your security guards. Traditionally, it required talking to the security guards, so that a timetable of the current commitments and capacity can be generated. But, today, with smarter technology all around, security guards are being handed over the responsibility for updating their availability. All this can be done with the help of a single security guard mobile app.

Guardso’s open shift feature, in particular, allows the guards to choose the shift they want to work, providing them the extra flexibility. Whereas, shift conformation additionally ensures that guards will be on duty which gives the employer extra confidence and reassurance. Not quite believable, right?

  • Keep A Check On Trends

Since you’ll already be aware of the availability of your guards, you’ll need to begin asking questions to understand the trends your private patrol company has been following consistently over time. For instance, on which days are you constantly understaffed compared to others? Who are the employees who usually fail to show up on time or doesn’t even bother to appear at all? How many hours were scheduled and actually worked?

All this data can be delivered at your fingerprints only if you have the right security guard tour scheduling module integrated into the perfect guard tour system at your disposal. It’s all you can ever ask to keep a check on the trends in order to schedule for or against unforeseen situations. This can ensure you schedule smartly, putting the right people in the right place. Thus, additionally ensuring to keep your security guards accountable, always.

  • Empower Your Employees By Posting Schedules In Advance

Back in the days, the hardest part for the security guards was about having an unpredictable schedule that made them feel out of control. On the contrary, today, a security guard mobile app is capable enough to let them take the reigns of scheduling the shift they want to work in their hands. Not only this empowers them but, makes them a lot more responsible towards their job.

Though, if you’re still going to forecast your staffing needs for the next month without using a security guard scheduling module, make sure you begin building an appropriate schedule. The sooner your security guards know about it, the sooner you’ll be able to know the potential conflicts that’ll need your attention. Using a security guard management such as Guardso can help eliminate this incredibly painful process of repetitive scheduling overall.

Scheduling is not complicated and can be simplified. The question is how are you going to do it?