Accountability in today’s workplace regardless of organization or industry is critical to the success of all its employees, and the business itself. And without a powerful security guards system for a security guard company to rely on, it’s tough for any client to trust the security guard services being provided. And, then why should they?

Often, due to lack of accountability, the workplace environment falls apart, morale disintegrates, standards crumble, and trust dies. Would you want to send a message to your staff that low standards are ok? Definitely not!

So, let your managers take on the lead from day one to help instill the principles of accountability deep within your security team using Guardso, the best security guards system available on multiple platforms. It may take time, patience, and trust, but the rewards will be worth the effort.

1. Let Your Employees Know Your Expectations

Employee accountability is often described as the ability of an employee to satisfy the expectations of the employer and the responsibility to anyone impacted by their actions. A guard to live up to that in a security guard company, needs to have the right skills and training to respond to different situations.

  • Therefore, the first and foremost job of a manager of a security guard company should be to train the guards to do their job the way they want them to perform.
  • When it’s done right, a bar for accountability is automatically set. Everyone has the required set of skills and tools to do what is expected of them.

The manager, using Guardso’s skill set feature can further define the skills of the security guards to keep a record of them. When specific skills are required to get the job done, using the same record, he can effortlessly schedule guards for post-sites of clients. Hence, exercising a step forward to provide excellent security guard services.

2. Support Your Employees With A Constructive Feedback

Employees, no matter how good always need tools and information to perform their job.

What they also most importantly seek is positive and constructive feedback to bring in them that sense of being valued within the workplace. It’s all but human nature.

So, don’t wait for an annual performance review to identify and correct their actions. Rather, do it on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. How? With the Guardso security guard management system’s dynamic Live Dashboard made to specifically streamline security patrol operations.

  • You won’t even need to go any further than that since it will provide all the information required on that one page.
  • From a security guard’s profile, check-in/out, latest site tours to his latest activities can be used to review the performance and give him constructive feedback.

Listening to customer feedback has had a tremendous impact, turning it into one of the best client retention strategies. Imagine what feedback can do to help your security guards. Yet, they might still make mistakes, but they’ll also figure out how to make it right taking careful decisions.

3. Teamwork is the Essence of a Successful Business

Teamwork in the 21st century is considered as the foundation for maintaining efficient security services in each and every security guard company. And, the word “We” captures the true essence of it. Emphasizing enough on it can cause a significant impact on the morale and commitment of the security guards. Thus, leading to a long-term improvement in the standards of service of a security guard company.

However, if everyone, from the security guards to the clients, works as a unified team making the most of Guardso, the effectiveness of security services can also be maximized.

  • This security guards system explicitly offers a guard tour client portal to give easy access to all the critical information needed by the clients.
  • Guardso generates detailed security guard reports based on the data shared by the guards on site. These reports give an accurate view of events on the go.

So, there’s literally no going wrong with this one at least.

Guardso Guard Tour Management System

4. Celebrate the Wins & Applaud the Achievements

Punishing ourselves for a bad execution usually comes very natural to us.  But, for some reason, we’re not as fast to celebrate good performance or are we? The efforts of tracking small achievements every day are known to enhance the worker’s sense of confidence. So, don’t back down to celebrate the wins the security team puts under their belt.

With Guardso, the perfect security guard management system for your company, this all can be made so much manageable.

  • Features like GPS live tracking of Guardso tracks every on-site movement of the security guard to establish accountability and reinforce schedule compliance.
  • Guard tour reporting software, with its check-in/out report, daily activity report, task reports, and site tour report ensures the accuracy with which the guards are performing their jobs.
  • Guardso messenger makes sure the team checked-in on one site stays connected and up-to-date with focused and professional chat.

So, when they do well, give them the deserved credit and applaud their achievements. Positive recognition goes a long way. Showing how much their efforts are appreciated and recognized will help reinforce accountability and create loyalty and leaders for your security guard company to rely on.

5.  Let the Potential in Your Employees Grow With You

In a security guard company, no one starts out as an expert security guard. But, a room to grow is available if one’s worthy. But how does one know about it? The only possible way to find that out is by spending time with the team, discovering their potential.

  • Someone may need more training while the other might need more recognition.
  • By getting to know the team members, only then it is quite possible to identify the areas for growth. So, further individualized solutions can be developed to help them reach their full potential.

Employee accountability for certain is essential to the healthy and prosperous functioning of a security guard company. However, an accountable workplace cannot appear overnight, the right elements must be in place. And, now that you’re aware of them, invest your time and attention to build an environment of accountability for a successful business, won’t you?