Over the years, real-time GPS tracker systems have gained huge popularity and momentum among numerous industries. How has the security industry become an essential part of that is no big surprise? Despite that, this technology as advanced as it may seem is still undergoing improvements, trying to make the lives of employees and employers simpler.

With limitless possibilities, from efficiently managing fleet operations to security guard monitoring using guard tour monitoring system, the latest real-time GPS tracker trends can help increase productivity, and also save your money. So, here are the top 3 tracking trends that’ll be worth your investment in the long run.

Top Three Latest Real-Time GPS Tracker Trends Of 2018

1. Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle maintenance using real-time GPS tracker sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Well, the fact is that today GPS tracker technology is setting the new standards and paving the way for the future of vehicle maintenance. It can be used to track the speed of the vehicle, the idle time, odometers reading, and even the number of hours the engine has run.

Further, in order to keep up with the maintenance, real-time GPS tracker schedules automatic reminder prompts. This, not only helps to reduce the number of breakdowns which in turn means less large repairs, but it also means saving your money to invest it wherever needed.

2. Real-Time Reporting
In the security industry, security guard monitoring with the help of a real-time GPS tracker became mainstream not so long ago. But, today it has enabled the security managers to manage their guard more remotely than ever before. And the organizations, they have seen a significant increase in professionalism and productivity.

Today, along with it guard tour reporting is revolutionizing, and Guardso is it’s perfect example. Its guard tour reporting software allows the guards to take photos and videos that can be attached along with the detailed reports, GPS location, and a time stamp right from the mobile patrol app on the smartphone to help increase accountability.

3. API Integration
API or Application Programming Interface is among one of the many integrations that are progressively becoming quite popular to keep track of vehicles these days. Reason being, it’s a technology that is very easy to use that has the ability to make any business run more smoothly.

Even better is its ability to add a customer map showing real-time locations of the vehicles on a website or a smartphone for the customers to see it any time. Thus, eliminating the need to contact the operator for an update on the location of their vehicle. Well, using real-time GPS tracker that’s how public transportation companies are setting trends for others to emulate them.

In conclusion, GPS technology has been around for a while now. Despite that, these trends showcase how it is still evolving and will keep on to do so. And here, we will keep looking forward to such wonders of technology.