A real-time dispatch software has a vital role to play in the success of a security guard company. In fact, if a little thought is put into it, you’ll realize, a security guard company cannot be said to be fully functional without it, to provide the kind of security everyone deserves. Therefore, choosing the right real-time dispatch software that stands up to the high standards of the security industry becomes essential.

To ensure that, one should be first of all aware of what exactly it is and what the industry has to offer today. Are you ready to discover all about it to not only run your dispatch

What Is A Real-Time Dispatch Software?

A real-time dispatch software is a whole system in itself designed to streamline communication between a dispatcher & a guard in times of emergency that also allows automated record-keeping simultaneously & much more.

But, do you know what’s even better? Guardso guard tour system! It eliminates the need to get a separate software to carry out every security dispatch operation smoothly. Integrated into the guard tour system along with various other modules, it allows the dispatchers to effortlessly manage multiple calls, create & store new dispatch calls information in an organized manner.

It in fact also allows to effortlessly assign multiple guards to the dispatch call and stay connected with them to get live updates and so much more.

What The Industry Has To Offer Today:

Effective dispatching is one of the most important functions a security guard company has to undertake in times of emergency. Dispatchers being the first link to assistance must remain calm in order to gather information to relay it further to the responders.

Having access to the right real-time dispatch software can save numerous lives eliminating chaos & confusion with unparalleled precision. With time, this has only got better, and here we are today with the best the industry has to offer.

  1. Cloud-Based Dispatch System

    Cloud-based technologies that allow you to store, and access data over the internet have come a long way and there is no going back. In the security industry, this trend is taking over rapidly, and it is not only applicable to real-time dispatch software, but the whole guard tour system.

    It easily allows the resources to be scaled up or down, providing more flexibility to the security guard company whenever and wherever required. In fact, it optimizes every aspect of the security service from scheduling to reporting to enhance customer satisfaction. Guardso seamlessly provides all these rich features to not only address the needs of guard tour dispatcher, but also to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change.

  2. Virtualized Server Dispatch System

    Way before when cloud-based technology wasn’t even a thing, server systems were the ones around and they are still dominant today. But, today it is mostly being used for computer-aided dispatch (CAD), which is also a type of dispatch system mainly used by the 911 dispatchers.

    The virtualized server environment allows the CAD system to integrate with multiple solutions, if not all. In the future, they will be able to share rich data, including images and videos that Guardso already allows, and also pair with drone technology and so much more.

Which one will you prefer?