Every security patrol officer whether armed or unarmed is dependent on a number of gadgets to get the job done. That is often dependent on the type of property being guarded. But today the industry is moving towards offering more specific solutions along with a higher level of integration and services. Reason being, world security trends are changing fast due to new technologies that are being introduced now and then.

Therefore, the security companies are changing their needs, and the customers are changing too. But often in this process, it is the security patrol officer that feels neglected. Not anymore! Here we have the top 3 trending gadgets that can be used to enhance their services and to improve productivity & accountability.

  • The Smart Mobile Patrol App

One of the greatest trends the security industry is observing today is the invention of the smart mobile patrol app for every security patrol officer out there. That’s right! The job of every security patrol officer is such that they can feel disconnected from their companies and even their managers. But, it’s through a technology like this that gives them the opportunity to stay in touch with the office instead of being a lone wolf operator.  But, that is not the only aim of a mobile patrol app.

A mobile patrol app can also be used to mitigate numerous challenges on-site. As a security company, it can act as one of the best ways to make their security officers more efficient. In fact, Guardso 4.0’s new & improved mobile patrol app give the officers the ability to be more productive with their reporting, to begin with. Further, it allows automatic check-in/out when the post-site is geofenced. It also eliminates the need to carry multiple devices to the post-site. But, the best part is that it allows the officers to schedule the shift they were to work right from the mobile patrol app.

  • Centralised Radios & Earpieces

For a security patrol officer, effective communication with the manager in times of emergency is everything. To be able to have centralized equipment that can make the communication easier both ways in times of mass confusion is the need of the hour. Though, for the same purpose, a smart mobile patrol app too is very much convenient. It may not work the same way as radios and headphones, but the ultimate watch mode feature to capture videos and photos be shared in real-time is to look out for.

However, when it comes to choosing a radio, ensure you pick the one with sufficient power to match the needs of your venue. If you’re going to operate in a single building, a one-watt radio will more than sufficient. If that’s not the case and you’ll be communicating in a large building, multiple floors, or across numerous buildings, go for a radio with 5 watts power. To make this process less cumbersome where every security patrol officer can communicate without holding the radio in hands earpieces and headsets are an excellent option.

  • FoolProof Visitor Management System

A lot of business till date are using manual, paper-based visitor management systems to keep track of their visitors and vehicles entering the premises of their property. So, day to day they face numerous problems associated with using such outdated systems. Unlike the modern visitor management system, they are not foolproof, and additionally, they are so difficult and time-consuming to manage. Most importantly, they do not even provide the protection to the organization from unwanted visitors.

A security patrol officer using a modern visitor management system can quickly improve the overall security of a post-site. In fact, it can create a wonderful first impression on the visitors arriving the first time. But, with Guardso 4.0, a security patrol officer can make use of right from his or her mobile patrol app eliminating the need to get a separate visitor management gadget. Not, only is it capable of quickly capturing every visitor’s details, but it makes it more convenient for the returning visitors. And rest assured, none of the information collected by this system can be accessed without a specific user ID and a password.

So, which one of these gadgets are you going to try?