Technology in the past few years has grown by leaps and bounds. It has completely changed the way world once used to work.  Yet, physical security is the one that can never get replaced. Threats pertaining to it today are as much real as they once were, be it at schools, concert venues, business or any other facility. So, the question arises what countermeasures can be taken using a security patrol software to mitigate potential physical security threats?

Here are a few strategies where you can use security patrol software to have an extensive impact:

  • Assign more security guards on-site

One of the most exceptional ways to deal with physical security threats is to increase the visibility of the security guard team. It acts as an excellent deterrent against theft, violence and other physical security threats. But, this necessarily may not require hiring additional security staff. Efficiently scheduling the security guards with the right security patrol software can make a noticeable difference.

Guardso’s scheduling module is the perfect solution, making the whole process effortless. Not does it only schedule security guards as per requirements of the clients, but also allows the security guards to choose the shift they want to work using the open shift feature.

  • To further enhance the security service, Guardso security patrol software employ shift conformation, getting each shift verified by security guards increasing accountability.
  • Whereas, assigning a number of guards all-together to a single post site might never have been so comfortable using a security patrol software.

Guardso’s scheduling software will leave you mesmerized with its capabilities irrespective the size of your private patrol company and simultaneously streamline your security patrol operations like never before.

  • Employ effectual security monitoring system

Just like increasing the visibility of security guards on-site can make a difference, updating security monitoring system can go a long way for a private patrol company. After all, it’s that one link between the guards patrolling on-site and management on the other end to take a rapid response to the event in progress. Ensuring, that even the most daring burglaries can easily be thwarted.

Therefore, Guardso makes no compromise while providing the advanced GPS tracking system to monitor security guards on-site. Enabled with QR and NFC tags, every time a security guard scans them using the Guardso mobile app at a checkpoint, an automatic live notification is sent to the security manager on the other end.

This feature of the security monitoring system, assures the site tour patrols are completed, and incident reports sent by guards through the mobile app are thoroughly accurate. Eventually, helping to establish accountability and reinforce schedule compliance.

  • Improve your security guards awareness

Most of the people do not like to think about the worst that could happen. But, being a security guard, it’s essential to stay prepared to counter a human threat, as well as common hazards like a fire or power outage. One must know how to respond to them without giving a second thought. In fact, security guards must be aware of all the vital tactics ensuring others as well as their own safety.

As expected, this aspect of security guards cannot be enhanced without thorough training. But, their knowledge regarding security patrol software to overcome such situations can certainly be improved. However, with Guardso one need not even worry about it. To begin with, it’s an easy to use security patrol software designed for security guards as a mobile app.

All its features from basic to advanced, have been consolidated to empower security guards to do their job with perfection. They include:

  • In-app check in-out
  • Accessing post orders & tasks
  • Guided site tours
  • Watch mode
  • Creating & submitting reports
  • Scheduling shifts

But, to do so they need to understand how specifically each one of them works, and how can they be beneficial.


Counter measuring physical security threats has never been a piece of cake. Being prepared for the unknown by assigning the right number of well aware and trained security guards on-site using an appropriate security monitoring system can do miracles. Are you and your security guards prepared?