Over the last few decades, almost every industry on planet earth has gone through drastic changes due to the involvement of life-changing technologies. One such industry that became an important part of the shift was the physical security industry, and it still is. From an advanced security patrol system to visitor management system trends began to enhance the role of a modern patrol guard, and here we are today.

Though, another important aspect that apart from technology is responsible for bringing about the change in patrol guard duties is because almost every patrol guard today is better educated, trained, and highly qualified to handle security functions as required by the company’s customers. So, without further ado let’s take a look into the ways industry trends have evolved patrol guard duties.

Industry Specific Training

Today, the training to obtain a guard card is also available online. Saving time and money of a person, altogether. But, in today’s scenario receiving a basic training does not do the trick anymore. The rules and regulations in a lot of states in the US require every patrol guard to complete level two training right after the receiving the guard card within a stipulated time period. But to further grow and prosper, trends in training has been geared towards the specific industry. For instance, a guard working in a residential area should receive in-depth training on managing and tracking visitors effortlessly with the help of visitor management system that can cut down time & effort in a manual process as Guardso does.
Or, a guard working to protect a retail store should be able to recognize and deter theft.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Would it be wrong to say, that almost every patrol guard in the past has worked all by himself? Definitely not! But now, that’s not an option for most as the requirements of the industry and the clients have changed. Today, the guards collaborate on operations and work more closely with each other than ever before.

And technology effortlessly helps them by staying in constant touch with the team, the managers, and also the clients using a real-time tracking security patrol system like Guardso. But, what’s even better is a messenger application integrated into a security patrol system to instantly chat and share multimedia files with the team in real-time. Isn’t it?

Reporting On The Go

Reporting, one of the most essential parts of every patrol guard’s job has changed drastically. The way guards once used to document incidents on notepads has been replaced with mobile patrol app as that of Guardso  installed on a smartphone. Though, initially the web-based Guardso application allows the security managers to create custom reports, defining the criteria to suit their or the client’s reporting needs.

It’s after that, the patrol guard assigned to a post site can complete the required report in real-time by attaching additional photos, videos, or even audio files to share it with the security managers using the same mobile patrol app. Even the clients, get their fair share of secure access using a password to the reports on the client portal, which they can check from anywhere in the world.

Customer Service Skills Are Must

Customer services may look like the odd one out in this comprehensive list of patrol guard duties which have evolved with security industry trends. But, trust me it deserves a special spot. Reason being, patrol guards are the front line of staff that interact directly with the general public or sometimes even with your potential clients. Therefore, they are the ones who represent your company & undertake the role of the brand ambassador.

So, ensure your every patrol guard inculcate customer service skills to remain polite, sensitive, and considerate to everyone, even when an accident occurs or while facing an irate client. Ensure, your patrol guards are also able to differentiate between situations that require their attention or the involvement of law enforcement.

The Balanced Technology

It’s the right balance of technology and our guards that’s essential for future growth. Guardso security patrol system is that one effective solution to create the right balance to deliver an effective, safe and secure solution. And it all begins with a mobile patrol app used to empower every patrol guard to address accountability on every step of patrol as well as to simplify their every task.

With live tracking available using the GPS and geofencing technology, every patrol guard’s security can be ensured and reporting enhanced. In fact, scheduling can be taken by the patrol guards into their own hands with openshift feature of Guardso security patrol system. Responding to the assigned emergency dispatch call could have not got any better. And a visitor management system, one of the latest addition to Gurdso eliminates long waiting lines while maintaining data confidentiality.

What more can you ask for?