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How To Impress Your First-Time Security Service Buyers?

First-time buyers are a brand new opportunity for your security service company to go above-and-beyond to wow them. To turn those new buyers into raving fans so that not only do they refer new clients to you but can help you to reinforce your reputation over others. How? Well, it doesn’t take that many efforts if you’re on the right track. All it requires is a little understanding of their needs & wants and the perfect guard tour system to exceed their expectations. So, let’s discover simple yet effective ways [...]

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How Visitor Management System Can Help You Improve Customer Service

There are a number of organizations that still use pen and paper to document visitor details. But then are also those who have set themselves free from the clutch of traditional approaches. Visitor management system as we all know it today is digitalizing this process in a way one could have never fathomed. Improving customer service is its yet another perk that’s quite underrated. So, here we are to explore this not often traversed territory. If you’re excited much, then let's get started. 4 VMS Benefits That Will Improve Your [...]

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How To Regain Customer Trust To Revive Your Private Patrol Business?

Loyal customers are the reasons why businesses thrive. Losing them can turn into a costly affair. But, keeping them is also not an easy task. It requires consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations. But, in a private patrol business, what’s even tougher is regaining the trust of a loyal customer. Don’t let the situation get to that point where you have to find ways to make it alright. Initially work to reduce as well as eliminate dissatisfaction among your customers. Learn, how to wow them. But, if you ever find [...]

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Do You Want To Boost Your Guards Customer Service Skills? Use Guard Patrol System!

Customer service skills aren’t just meant for every support employee to wow the customers that they interact with on a daily basis. They are also essential for all those employees interacting with customers in one way or the other. Take a closer look at the job a security guard entails, and you’ll realize, he is no different. So, what is it that you can do to boost their effective customer service skills? We’ll say, try a guard patrol system. But, why, is that you’re wondering? If yes, we have three [...]

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My Client Has Switched 5 Private Security Companies. How I Made Him Stay.

A client leaving a business in the first place is a complicated subject. But, when that same client switches 5 other private security companies, there must a reason good enough to do that. Often such behaviour of a client depending on the nature of the business can leave a devastating impact on the private security companies. But, if that courtship is managed appropriately, there is no way you can lose your valuable clients. They are the lifeblood of the private security companies. Even when it’s not an easy task to [...]

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Can Security Guard System Help You Avoid Client Lawsuits?

The ultimate responsibility of every private patrol company owner is to do everything in power to limit risks in order to keep the business running smoothly. But, the reality is that lawsuit, or even the threat of a lawsuit is inevitable. So, how does one go about safeguarding oneself against client lawsuits? Security guard system is one answer that not many know can be utilized to their advantage. Truth be told, you’ll be surprised to know that a security guard system is one fine piece of technology designed in a [...]

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How To Use A Security Guard Patrol System To Improve Your Customer Experience Strategy​

Customers are the ultimate judge of the quality of service you provide, be it in any industry. But did you ever stop for a moment to wonder, how exactly are those conclusions drawn? Don’t be surprised if we tell you, it’s all about the experience you, your management, your security guard patrol system as well as the security guards have provided them right from the first point of contact. Companies today have realized this fact and are therefore using customer experience strategies to achieve increased revenue, higher customer satisfaction rates, [...]

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Important Factors For Security Patrol Companies To Investigate Bad Customer Service

Customer service, in today’s competitive market, is an essential factor in nurturing customer loyalty. Everyone’s aware of how a single interaction between the customer and the company is capable of making or breaking their relationship? Yet, a lot of security patrol companies do not begin to acknowledge, monitor, measure or manage the process until it gets too late. Unlike others, if you are struggling with bad customer service despite all your efforts, consider investigating the following factors to help bring your security patrol company back on track. 1. Customer Service [...]

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Guard Tour Client Portal: A Unique Way To Revamp Your Bond With The Clients

Do you know, what’s the most challenging thing for a business to achieve in the long term? Loyal clients! That’s right. They unarguably are one of the most significant factors for starting as well as sustaining a successful business. The more successful you are at building stronger bonds with them, the chances of you being more affluent increase by several folds. Thankfully, guard tour client portal as a significant part of the guard patrol solution helps to overcome this hurdle effortlessly. These client portals are significantly gaining popularity among private [...]

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How To Deal With Demanding Clients Using Active Guard Patrol System

As the competition gets tough and the struggle to retain clients for longer periods of time intensifies, a major burden falls on the quality of customer service your private patrol firm is providing. Often the security guards find themselves at the helm of customer service on site when dealing directly with them is certain. Not more than often, security guards may encounter clients that are difficult. The way the guard handles these clients is enough to create or break the reputation of a private patrol firm. Let’s dig in to [...]

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5 Amazing Ways For A Private Patrol Company To Wow Their Clients

All businesses work their best to gain clients, but for the small business owners, the journey to an actual paying client often tends to be a tough one. But, what’s tougher with so much competition in the industry for a private patrol company is client loyalty. So, when the competition goes knocking on your client’s doors, how will you make sure your clients stay your clients? In such scenarios, it all goes beyond just caring for your clients - smart business consistently wow them. This may seem simple and obvious, [...]

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Preventative Patrols, What Are They And Why Private Security Firms Need To Make Them A Priority?

Of all the roles that a security guard plays, preventative patrols are perhaps the most important. But what is a preventative or private patrol? Why is essential to keeping clients’ sites safe? These are some of the questions that we will be tackling in this feature. So, first things first, what is a preventative patrol? Private security firms, have to ensure that the property under guard remains safe. That includes guards making rounds through the property to ensure that there are no malfunctioning systems or cases of vandalism taking place [...]

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