A guard tour client portal integrated into your guard tour system can be one of the best features available for you to enhance customer service in a foolproof way. Don’t believe us? Today, that’s what we are here to talk about briefly. To help you understand how a guard tour client portal is the key to a lot of your customer service troubles and also a great way to impress your first-time security service buyer.

So, without much ado let’s get started, shall we?

1. Improved Reliability

Granting access to Guardso’s guard tour client portal means granting access to guard tour reports. For the clients to be able to do that means allowing them to know the tiniest progress made on their post-site by guards while patrolling. Thus, making it easier for them to rely on your services without any doubt in the future.

2. Time-Saving

Having a guard tour client portal will ensure none of your clients ever have to call you to at least ask for the guard tour reports of the patrol conducted on their property. With it, the reports sent by the guards can be shared with the clients in real-time. Now, won’t that save a lot of your time? It’s yet another perk of utilizing Guardso guard tour system to its fullest.

3. Convenient Access

All a client nowadays want is access to everything on the go. Get in their shoes, and you’ll want the same for yourself. Which is why Guardso guard tour client portal is designed with this particular aspect in mind. No client will be ever bound to a place or device to access the information. They can:

  • Login on multiple devices at once
  • Access the portal from anywhere in the world.
  • And yes, all of it available 24/7.

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4. Data Security

Are you worried about the data security on the client portal of Guardso guard tour system? Well, don’t be. Special measures have been taken into consideration to protect the integrity of the data available on it and also to ensure only the clients with username & password can access it. Though, the clients can further choose to provide different levels of access to different users at their end.

5. Customizable Experience

Guardso guard tour client portal provides an excellent opportunity to the security guard companies to completely customize the experience for their clients. If you do not wish to give your clients complete access to the portal because that might not be necessary. No problem! Give them access to guard tour reports that you want them to have for a better client experience. In the long run that access can be easily changed with yours as well as your clients requirements.

6. Better Communication

Clear communication between a security guard company and its client is all that matters. Doesn’t it? Guardso’s guard tour client portal fulfills that purpose without a client having the security company to ask for it. No longer do they need long, face-to-face meetings to discuss the very same information easily available on it 24/7 and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Guardso’s guard tour client portal can surely make a difference when it comes to enhancing your customer service. But are you ready to embrace it? If, yes sign up for Guardso to get started in less than 5 minutes.