There are a number of organizations that still use pen and paper to document visitor details. But then are also those who have set themselves free from the clutch of traditional approaches. Visitor management system as we all know it today is digitalizing this process in a way one could have never fathomed. Improving customer service is its yet another perk that’s quite underrated.
So, here we are to explore this not often traversed territory. If you’re excited much, then let’s get started.

4 VMS Benefits That Will Improve Your Customer Service

  1. Helps Know The Visitors

    A visitor management system is a capable software with the abilities to control both planned and unplanned visitors. But no longer a separate software is required since Guardso offers it as a part of the guard tour system with other brilliant features.

    To help you know your visitors well, the system asks to enter specific details and allow taking photos at the time of registration. For everybody’s convenience, it’s only done once. When a visitor returns he or she need not go through the same process. All a guard needs to do is create a log for him or her.

  2. Maintain A Secure Database

    Anyone can go through a physical visitor log, steal it or even lose it, right? Thus, not qualifying to meet the high standards of the security industry.  A visitor management system, on the other hand, is not only one of the most affordable ways to document visitor details that requires one-time investment, but also a lot safer than the traditional method.

    All the information gathered at the time of registration using just a mobile patrol app is securely stored on the cloud. It can easily be made available but cannot be duplicated or compromised at any cost. This way, Guardso visitor management system not only ensures privacy that every visitor deserves, but also maintain data confidential.

  3. System For The Future

    The ultimate way a visitor management system can improve your customer service is by first of all eliminating long waiting line. For visitors, there is no greater turn off than that, and it’s exhausting in a world where no one has the time to wait. Therefore, Guardso’s visitor management system ensure processing visitors quickly to help improve the image of the company.

    It, in fact, is designed to create an efficient and streamlined experience for visitors to always remember and appreciate something so spectacular. All of this is achieved by the guards using just the mobile patrol app of Guardso. From entering visitor details to uploading it to a secure database, all they need is a mobile patrol app installed on their smartphone. Pretty convenient, huh?

  4. Overall Improved Security

    What better way than a visitor management system to keep track of all the visitors and vehicles coming or leaving an organization, a residence, or even to improve campus security? None actually. A visitor management system capable enough like Guardso can keep track of all the visitors are going to meet so as to act as the first in the line of defense to ensure security to all.

    This way it helps to eliminate security breaches right at the doorstep while retaining legible and accurate records of the visitors. In times of emergencies, when the building must be evacuated these records can be used to track down all the visitors efficiently.

For most businesses a visitor management system is a competitive necessity. But, is that the only reason why you need it? Well, certainly not!

Guardso guard tour system’s visitor management system is designed to lower the cost of managing visitors, raise overall productivity, and strengthen your relationship with customers.

That’s what everybody needs. However, it will be your decision to choose so, ensure it’s the best for you.