The ultimate responsibility of every private patrol company owner is to do everything in power to limit risks in order to keep the business running smoothly. But, the reality is that lawsuit, or even the threat of a lawsuit is inevitable. So, how does one go about safeguarding oneself against client lawsuits? Security guard system is one answer that not many know can be utilized to their advantage.

Truth be told, you’ll be surprised to know that a security guard system is one fine piece of technology designed in a way that can help you avoid client lawsuits. So, here we are with a list of ways a security guard system can help you. Are you ready to explore?

How Can A Security Guard System Help Avoid Client Lawsuit?

1. Incompetent Services
In the case where a client files a lawsuit of questioning the services provided by your company on their property, a security guard system can play a role bigger than you can ever imagine. To begin with, every security guard is required to check-in to the post site using a guard tour mobile app. As he begins patrolling his every movement is tracked using GPS tracking.

Post orders, which are special instructions given by the clients, are shared with him to be executed as it is. And as they are done, hourly reports along with photos and videos attached to them are sent to the security manager as proof. Having all this guard tour information, there’s won’t a judgment that’ll work against you.

2. Negligence Of Security Guards
To deal with client lawsuits in itself is a huge task, but when it’s about incident caused due to the negligence of security guards, it becomes tougher to prove their innocence. That’s how it has always been, right? Not anymore! Security guard system’s reporting module can help in such situations, but only if a guard knows how to write the perfect incident report every time.

Following the private patrol company’s protocols is the first step to getting it done right. The guard needs to clearly state the basic facts objectively in professional language. Then he can go on to describe the incident with the utmost accuracy but initially begin with mentioning what brought him to the scene of the incident and what actually might have happened. Having accurate reports can turn the tables around in case of lawsuits.

3. Violence Occurred On-Site
The first and foremost job of every security guard is to maintain peace, but that, no matter how much a guard tries, may not be possible. Often situations arise on the client property where people tend to get violent. In order to tackle those situations guards may need to use force to keep the property and the other people around safe.

In such scenarios, watch mode feature available on the guard tour mobile app of Guardso comes in handy. He can create a video of the situation and share it with the security managers to get real-time insight into the violence happening on-site. This can act as a proof which can justify the actions of the security guards in case of client lawsuits.

4. Breach Of Privacy & Confidentiality
The chances of private patrol companies still using paper-based reports and visitor management logs are quite high. Not that using them is wrong, but the probability of you losing them or someone accessing them and leaking the data increases significantly. And no private patrol company would ever want that to happen and face client lawsuits for this very reason.

The smarter choice, in this case, is to use a security guard system like Guardso that provides secure access to a few using a password. The client on his end can manage the client portal by providing access to the staff as he desires. So, if anything goes wrong it won’t be from your end, but the other way round saving you from client lawsuits.

Explore the numerous possibilities that a security guard system has to offer and you’ll be amazed to see how this piece of technology can work wonders for your private patrol company.