Do you know, what’s the most challenging thing for a business to achieve in the long term? Loyal clients! That’s right. They unarguably are one of the most significant factors for starting as well as sustaining a successful business. The more successful you are at building stronger bonds with them, the chances of you being more affluent increase by several folds. Thankfully, guard tour client portal as a significant part of the guard patrol solution helps to overcome this hurdle effortlessly.

These client portals are significantly gaining popularity among private patrol firms especially those working with multiple clients. So, what exactly is this guard tour client portal? How will it help to revamp your bond with the clients in a unique way? Let’s find out.

What Is A Guard Tour Client Portal?

A guard tour client portal is one of the most attractive aspects of a guard patrol solution. Also sometimes known as extranets, they are partially accessible to authorized clients or customers outside of a company or an organization. These portals usually consist of specified company information and data that the clients or customers may be interested in.

In a nutshell, guard tour client portal is a part of security patrol solution that allows the company to interact with their clients, share files, organize, and manage tasks or events in a private online environment.

Does Guardso Have A Guard Tour Client Portal?

Guardso, unlike any other security patrol solution, believes in offering the best of technology to their clients. So, yes Guardso security patrol solution does include a smart guard tour client portal. It’s integrated with the guard tour realtime reporting software in such a way that it streamlines the report sharing process.

Understanding Guardo Guard Tour Client Portal:

It’s specifically designed to give easy access to all the critical information of specific site tours to the clients, 24 hours a day. Using a username and a password to the portal can help them access all that information anytime & from anywhere they prefer.

A unique twist that Guardso provides in this feature is that the private patrol company gets to control the level of information they want to share with their clients.

Other such impressive features guard tour client portal has to offer, includes:

  • Allowing the clients to securely log-in into multiple devices.
  • Have on-the-go access to completely organized data.
  • A full view of the post site from a single point.
  • Easily shareable reporting data through various reports.
  • Easy-to-navigate web portal that’s accessible on any device connected to the internet.

Eventually, this provides the private patrol company an opportunity to show their clients how much they care, an opportunity to build better and stronger relationships with them. But, what more can be done using a guard tour client portal? Let’s find out.

How  Guard Tour Client Portal Help Revamp Bond With Clients?

1. Providing A Transparent Communication

The ultimate work of a guard tour client portal incorporated into a guard patrol solution is to provide a transparent communication between the company and the client. However, transparency doesn’t have to mean sharing classified information.

What all the clients usually ask for is the relevant information regarding site tours conducted at their locations. With the help of guard tour client portal, one can honestly let the clients know about the progress made. This ensures building trust and relationships that stay stronger for a longer period of time.

2. Increasing  Accountability & Productivity

A guard tour client portal in the security industry is mainly dependent on guard tour realtime reporting software. As it provides the clients the access to all kinds of reports offered by the security patrol solution. Well, knowing that the clients can keep a complete track on the progress does change the dynamics of the way things work.

It builds up a pressure not only on the management to execute every project perfectly but also on the security guards. Since they are the ones to execute the management’s master plan, they need to ensure it’s done flawlessly. Hence, improving your security guards productivity as well as accountability.

When client satisfaction is the ultimate goal, a guard tour client portal can play a significant part in your plan. Make sure your security patrol solution is equipped with this stunning feature.