A client leaving a business in the first place is a complicated subject. But, when that same client switches 5 other private security companies, there must a reason good enough to do that. Often such behaviour of a client depending on the nature of the business can leave a devastating impact on the private security companies. But, if that courtship is managed appropriately, there is no way you can lose your valuable clients.

They are the lifeblood of the private security companies. Even when it’s not an easy task to pick out the exact reason for them to leave, putting yourself in their shoes to understand what you might have done right or wrong can help. Therefore, today here I am to help you understand what I did to make the client who had switched 5 private security companies stay so it can help you grow your private patrol company.

1. Understood The Reason Why They Came In The First Place
The initial step to help a client stay with you begins the moment they contact you. So, do not waste your clients’ precious time because trust me after switching 5 private security companies they will know exactly what they want. Also, the reason being, the tolerance of clients from jumping through the hoops over the years has drastically decreased. Today they believe and also expect to have what they want the minute they request it.

Therefore, begin with understanding the reasons behind what motivated them to come to your business in the first place. This may sound trivial at the moment, but knowing the reasons, no matter how small, can help you go a long way. Understanding the client who switched 5 private security companies made me realize a few facts, those are:

a. The Security Services Were Just Being Sold To Them
Clients’ aren’t just looking to be sold something. All they desire is to feel connected so that their concerns are appropriately addressed. So don’t just sell but strive to connect, to know what they want and what their problems are.
b. The Security Company’s Services Failed To Meet Expectations
Often a lot of private security companies build up customer expectations by overselling their services which they fail to provide eventually. So, if you are going to promise a 100%, deliver the same to your customers, else be prepared to lose them.
c. The Competitors Are Providing Better Services At Cheaper Prices
Price is an important fact for every client but so is the quality of service being provided. If the competitors are providing better services than yours at cheaper prices and your relationship lacks that essential communication & trust, chances are they will leave you to move on.So, don’t be afraid to dig deep before it gets too late. Ask questions to clarify their statements. If possible, paraphrase their comments to ask them to agree or correct you. And most importantly, follow through on what you will learn about your customer’s perception.

2. Created Peaks In Customer Experience Using  Guard Tour Solution
Truth be told private security companies, often in the process to benefit from the clients, forget the reason why they first came in. Therefore, instead of focusing and taking care of the clients they already have, they tend to get consumed by the process of bringing in more clients. And that’s when loyal clients, irrespective of the services, begin to feel neglected.

The only way to cope up with it is not to take customer experience for granted. Because great customer experience doesn’t happen by chance. The private security companies have to put in serious efforts to make it work. And one perfect way to do so is using the peak-end rule. A lot of private security companies might not be aware of it yet or have not thought about what it means for their business design.

So, What Is Peak-End Rule?

The peak-end rule states that clients judge an experience explicitly based on how they felt at the peak and at the end of their experience. The only problem is that a lot of private security companies don’t consider the emotions of the customers. If they do, they try to manipulate them with advertising or for a moment when they get angry.

Therefore, in order to make the client stay who had switched 5 private security companies, peak customer experience after understanding his emotions was curated using Guardso guard tour solution. Every problem faced by the client was provided with a solution that would work for him in the long run so he does not leave the company again. But, how was that done? Let’s take a look:

a. Cost-Effective Guard Tour Solution With Amazing Modules
To be honest less-transcendent experiences have emotional peaks too. So, make your first client experience peak worth it. As in my case, providing a cost-effective guard tour solution with modules integrated into one as Guardso stood out for my client. And why should it not? From guard tour reporting software to the newly added visitor management system is available on one platform at prices that are unbelievable.
b. Unlimited Guards Can Be Managed & Scheduled Effortlessly
A good guard tour solution with amazing modules is of no use if it cannot enhance client experience as well as improve efficiency to elevate the overall security service. But, how that’s done, the clients don’t know. They don’t know how their problems will be taken care of. So, don’t just sell your services, educate them.This is why I took the initiative to let my client understand how Guardso, the best guard tour solution allows us to add unlimited guard profiles to the system so when their services are required we know who to schedule. In fact, the open shift feature allows the guards to even select the shift they want to work which in turn increases their accountability and improves the quality of service automatically.
c. GPS Tracking Combined With Geofencing Is The New Trend
Guardso’s GPS tracking module combined with geofencing keeps track of every step of the guards to ensure that every order given by the client is carried out as it is. Photos and videos, attached to the reports, are timestamped to verify the facts for the clients. And real-time notifications are shared with both the management and the client using the guard tour solution. Now, who wouldn’t be tempted to stay a little longer to explore more?
d. Constantly Evolving Guardso Guard Tour Solution
One reason why most of the private security companies, and so do we, love Guardso is that it keeps evolving with time. There is nothing better than that because you know your problems are being heard and solutions to them will be provided so you can provide an efficient service to the clients. When clients know that they are in good hands, capable of taking care of anything, they can rest assured. And that’s how you leave a wonderful end experience for the clients to enjoy.

3. Encouraged Transparent And Honest Interactions With The Client
Transparency in private security companies is absolutely crucial for making a client stay. There is no strategy like it that can work wonders. Reason being a relationship built on transparency and honest communication, where the company doesn’t hold back from their clients, can help them understand you and therefore lead to their belief in your value.

To do just that, I took advantage of the Guardso’s guard tour solution and introduced my client to its unique module called client portal. Not only did it provide him a secure access to the website from anywhere in the world, but also to all the relevant reports sent by the guards using Guardso mobile patrol app’s powerful guard tour reporting software. To be able to have access to such data, there was nothing more he could have wished for.

There could have not been any better way to spread transparency and honesty in our communication. Thus, this portal added a cherry to the top of a delicious cake my client was not been able to resist.

So, what are you going to do to make your clients stay?