Running a successful security guard business means achieving your vision and your mission in order to meet your customer’s expectations. Right, isn’t it? But, are you sure it’s just that and not even a bit about your security guards on patrol doing their job?

Well, if you say yes, you’ll need to reconsider it and understand the fact that successful business comes not only from having happy customers but also happy employees. And that’s what we are here to discuss, how helping your security guards on patrol can help your customers too.

1. Create Positive Employee Environment:

Creating a positive employee environment is more than encouraging the security guards on patrol once in a while to do their job right. It’s more of a process that requires the manager to put in efforts on a daily basis to engage the team to ensure they are happy in order to execute great customer service.

The reason why it’s becoming mandatory to do so is that security guards on patrol are the ones capable of translating the executive vision & mission into actionable, quality customer service interactions. Often in organizations, irrespective of the size, employees aren’t engaged which leads to dissatisfaction & results in poor customer interactions.

You wouldn’t want that, or would you?

2. Show Genuine Appreciation:

The secret sauce to get this whole scenario right begins with thanking the whole team for coming in every single day. Reason being, every morning when they wake up they have the choice to show up at work or not. If they don’t, it impacts a lot of things and a lot of people at work. Correct isn’t it?

Which is why letting the guards understand not only how important the job they are doing but they themselves are to the company is essential. If you are going to treat them well, they are going to put their heart and soul into the work they’ll do and go an extra mile to help your customers too.

So, host an appreciation meeting, buy them lunch or coffee sometimes, award them with bonuses for reasons like full attendance to discourage absenteeism or, just thank them & ask how they are doing. Bottom line, show genuine appreciation.

3. Set Customer Service Expectations:

Setting customer service expectation within an environment has now become more important than ever. A lot of security guards on patrol are on their very first job and they need to be taught & trained to do things to meet customer expectations. In fact, even if you hire the right people hoping they’ll know these things, they might not sometimes.

So, once you have a vision of how you want your security guards on patrol to treat your customers you will need to communicate it to them. Instead of throwing them out there without telling them what to do Gaurdso security guard app can be used to communicate post specific needs and orders as desired by the clients in real-time.

Guardso’s guard tour client portal which is a unique way to revamp your bond with the clients can provide secure access to them from anywhere in the world to stay connected with the team in real-time to enhance customer satisfaction. This way neither do the guards struggle to understand what they need to do on-site, nor the clients stay out of the loop of patrol being conducted on their site.

4. Invest In Your Security Guards & Your Success:

Even when the protocols to respond to situations, as well as customers, are the same for security guards on patrol, each one of them has their own way to deal with them that need to be enhanced continuously. And what better way there is than training to help them be at their best? None, right?

So, plan systematically. Let it not just be any regular training. Keep them up-to-date with current progress in the industry and ways to handle new technology so they are always progressing towards doing better than before. Ensure they are mentored by the best to break the barriers that keep them from performing their best. And that way, in the long run, you’ll be investing in your own success too.

5. Trusting Guards To Do The Right Thing:

Equipped with security guard app, security guards on patrol can always have all the details of the schedules, post orders, or additional tasks at hand anytime and anywhere on a post-site. But what they deserve is a manager that trust them enough to let them take care of the issues all by themselves.

A manager that despite being a message away allows them to do what needs to be done to make the customer happy at the moment. But, also making sure, they are well trained to know the line they can’t cross. When they need to use their security guard app to report or the real-time messenger feature to check with the manager when a situation arises that demands his or her involvement.

Having such faith in their abilities can eventually lead to high work satisfaction among security guards on patrol. This further enhances their performance and also leads to higher customer satisfaction.

6. Provide The Tools & Technology To Handle Issues:

Who will the security guards on patrol be without the tools & technology at their service? Well, tough question it is to answer when almost everything is quite dependent on them nowadays. Isn’t it? But why should they not be? Guard tour system benefits are of such magnitude that they are helping both the security guards on patrol as well as the clients in unique ways.

How? Guardso guard tour system, for instance, allows the guards on duty to conveniently communicate in real-time, share information with teams and clients through its check-in based messenger application. It also puts their safety first by tracking their every movement through GPS tracking & geofencing.

When in trouble, Guardso guard tour system through its dispatch center can allow providing quick response & enhanced visibility to send help over immediately. Further allowing the security guards on patrol to report transparently while having the option to even check the reports of other guards additionally.

How do you plan to help your security guards on patrol for them to help your customer?