First-time buyers are a brand new opportunity for your security service company to go above-and-beyond to wow them. To turn those new buyers into raving fans so that not only do they refer new clients to you but can help you to reinforce your reputation over others.

How? Well, it doesn’t take that many efforts if you’re on the right track. All it requires is a little understanding of their needs & wants and the perfect guard tour system to exceed their expectations. So, let’s discover simple yet effective ways to impress your first-time security service buyers like never before.

1. Maintain A Professional Website

Put yourself in your client’s shoes and think what would they do? And you’ll realize they’ll just go online to find everything they can about you. So, you need to keep up with your competitors who already have a web page, blog, and a professional email address, in order to stay competitive.

Hire a professional web developer to design and develop a stunning website. Clients can often tell the difference between a website that’s amateurly or professionally created. Which they often go on to perceive as the reflection of your professionalism.

So, outline your security service in detail with beautiful images. Provide short video tutorials or downloadable PDF instructions for the clients to rely on. Lastly, ensure every page on the website is fully SEO optimized. It will help you to be found on the search engines readily.

2. Up-To-Date Social Media Presence

The social media platforms allow to easily & instantly deliver messages to a significant number of people. Practically, that makes it one of the best free marketing tools to reach every client & prospect globally. So, post regularly to promote yourself. Respond swiftly to each & every comment to show you care. The one’s interested in buying your security service will always search for you. Having a great social media presence will give you a competitive

advantage, if your competitors are not utilizing it at all or not regularly updating their profiles. Your clients will able to see you as someone they can trust and that will help them connect effortlessly.

3. Well-Defined Contract Procedure

A contract begins the moment negotiations begin in the form of an inquiry or a discussion between two or more parties. And that’s what usually leads to a proposal. It’s described as a willingness by either party to enter into a contract bound by certain or definite terms.

So, when that happens, be ready to wow your client with a foolproof contract procedure called Q-TIPS. It’s an approach that Shaun Edward Sundahl talks about in his book called The Private Security Contractor. Where Q-TIPS stand for:

  • Quality – It is the number of guards needed to fulfill the client’s needs.
  • Time – It refers to the duration of the need. And for how long will the service last?
  • Identity – It’s the parties identifies in the contract. One of them will always be you. The other party is the client, and it can be more too.
  • Price – It’s the amount that the client will pay for the security service.
  • Subject – It refers to what the agreement will be about.

This process is followed by consideration, acceptance, mutuality, and modification to contract which in most cases cannot be done unilaterally. In addition to that, for better communication & clarity it is important that every little thing is discussed in detail with the client and added into the contract.

4. High Employee Standards

Career pathways in the security service industry have a lot to offer to those interested. And that gets better when a company encourages high employee standards. So, the million dollars question is how do you do that and what does this have to do with impressing first-time buyers?

Well, the answer to the first part is unexpectedly simple- you need to treat your employees like you want them to treat your customers.

When the guards will feel valued, they are going to brag about working for you. Not only will this notably lead to enhanced employee satisfaction but also high employee retention. And that will show the moment your first-time buyers will walk into your office or maybe interact with your guards.

Further to boost the spirits of the guards, it’s vital that they are:

  • Equipped with the best of technology to promote them do their job diligently.
  • Provided additional trainings along with a refresher now & then to help them enhance their skills and acquire new ones to provide a great security service th
  • e first time.

5. Implementing The Best Guard Tour System

For first-time buyers, there is nothing more attractive than a company who has its security operations streamlined. And in order to do that, you very well know that every security service company needs a guard tour system. A system like Guardso guard tour system with a web application & a mobile patrol app can:

  • Help manage each & every guard efficiently.
  • Securely store all the data collected on the cloud.
  • Allow conducting mobile patrol app guided site tours.
  • Track on-site presence & movement of guards.
  • Enhance report sharing with the clients.
  • Never let a dispatcher miss a call.
  • Help keep track of visitors on-site virtually and so much more.

In order to have a long-term relationship with your first-time buyer, you must understand that their needs will change with time. State the benefits of using guard tour system and its capabilities to assure them of the best security service.

Talk to them about trackable results of the site tours. It will drive them to work with you again. In fact, making them feel more secure will allow them to stick around for a long time. Just remember to stay focused and communicate your goals clearly to the clients.

6. Smart Estimation & Invoicing System

Having an estimation & invoicing system is crucial for every security service company. And why should it not be? It’s one of the most valuable documents issued to the clients. Which means you require a smart & reliable estimation & invoicing system.

But, do you what’s even better? Having it integrated into a guard tour system. A system that can convert estimates into an invoice with a few clicks. Often a lot of companies end up using different systems for different functions that make it tough to keep track of everything. But, not with it.

Here are few basic elements that each invoice should include:

  • Date of service
  • Types of service
  • Number of hours
  • Price of service
  • Total amount due
  • Due date
  • Additional expenses

Further, providing other details such as the number of sick hours, vacation hours, or other time is taken off by the guard and if those slots were filled for the day can ensure transparency between you and the client. Thus, giving him or her a peace of mind and a reason to stay impressed.

Additionally, do not forget to answer any query the client seeks an answer to.

Keep it simple & honest to grow and prosper together.