Can Guardso 5.0 really help exceed your new client expectations?

Well, to be honest, that ultimately depends on their needs, doesn’t it?

And for that, one should first of all be aware of what they need. So, you can invest the same amount of time, energy, and commitment put into building the business from scratch.

To do just that, there is no better way than efficiently managing their expectations from start to finish. When you deliver services that exceed their expectations, it demonstrates added value.

But, how do you plan to keep up with the changing needs & expectation of today’s modern & tech-savvy clients? For that, Guardso 5.0 is here with brand new features that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Clients Expect Innovation & High Security

Clients often like to buy from companies that are innovative. Companies that are willing to hear what they have to say. That can cater to their changing needs from time to time and make efforts to meet their high expectations.

For instance, we took the initiative for our clients to create a visitor check-in software for them that can:

  • Create organized visitor profiles and store them in a secure & private database.
  • Monitor multiple locations to facilitate rapid visitor evacuation in emergencies.
  • Improve visitor service by eliminating waiting lines via effortless mobile entry.
  • Significantly reduce security breaches while maintaining data confidentiality.

Our clients wanted it, in fact, they needed a visitor check-in software to upgrade their services to exceed their client expectations.

We heard them, and here we are today. How far are you willing to go for your clients?

Clients Expect Personalisation

Clients no longer want to be treated as numbers. And why should they be? But, isn’t that how businesses see them? That’s why all they want is to be treated as human beings.

And when you begin doing that, you’ll see how they crave personalization, then be it in the form of reports or invoices. Personalizing things as per their preference has always known to engage them extensively.

  • This the reason why Guardso 5.0 allows custom reporting, so your managers can focus on criteria specific to client desires and requirements on the post-sites.
  • Guardso 5.0, in fact, recently introduced the all-new invoicing software. It generates estimates specific to clients which can effortlessly be converted into invoices.

Everyone loves when they get special treatment. Guardso with its custom reports & powerful invoicing software do it in the most professional way possible to leave a great impact.

Clients Expect Connected Journey

Put yourself in the shoes of your clients, and you’ll understand that they no longer wish to stay on the sidelines. Today’s modern clients proactively want to be the part of security operation as an insider.

Since most of them are tech-savvy people, they can be equipped or rather empowered with an exceptionally practical Guardso 5.0 client portal. It is specifically designed to streamline the report sharing the process with the clients.

But, is that it? Of course not! Guardso 5.0’s client portal is so much more.

It can provide the clients:

  • Secure access to all the reports, call logs, & tracking history.
  • Share all the details of the site tours conducted on different post sites.
  • An opportunity to give access to multiple users on their end.
  • You, on the other hand, get a custom access to control what your clients can access.

P.S. why should only clients get the best?

Guardso 5.0 is now also equipped with a powerful messenger feature that allows the guards to constantly stay in touch on the same site.

Clients Expect Immediate, Responsive Service

Chances of a security companies surviving without a highly responsive dispatch system is negligible because there are cities with the fastest police response that they need to compete with.

Which is why Guardso’s dispatch software is designed to never miss a call & drastically reduce the response time. With unparalleled precision, it registers and updates all the dispatch calls coming from multiple sources to quickly assign guards to them.

  • The dispatcher can use it to track every activity of the guard on-site.
  • Live status of the situation can be determined with site-specific updates.

But, for the guards to respond quickly, an efficient vehicle patrol and mobile app system is required. With their help, the guards can stay connected to the field, managers, and dispatcher in real-time to get going whenever and wherever required.

So, how do you plan on exceeding your new client expectations using Guardso 5.0?