How A Visitor Management System Can Improve The Security Of Your Business

Businesses see a lot of foot traffic in and out of the premises, and a CCTV camera at the entrance is not enough security. In order to ensure proper security and avoid physical threats from unwanted visitors, a visitor management system is a must. A visitor management system is a cloud-based solution that records and identifies the data and movement of every visitor that comes to your business. This advanced system eliminates the need for traditional paper logbooks where human error and security breaches are a common possibility. Here Is [...]

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Three Reasons You Should Use A Guard Tour System

When you invest in a guard tour system, you will find out that the benefits outweigh the costs.  Security guard management with guard tour reporting software is becoming a standard practice among contractors. The main reason for this is the importance of accountability in the security industry. However, many companies choose not to use a guard tour system because of the cost. But if you do a quick cost-benefit analysis, you will understand that it typically costs less to operate a site with a guard tour system than it does [...]

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How Security Guard Management Technology Is Reshaping The Guard Industry?

Security guard management technology is evolving at a dizzying speed. Not so long ago, the security guard companies were completely dependent on paperwork, but today that’s not the case. Automating the security operations with the help of a security guard management technology & a mobile patrol app is not only making the manager’s job easier but also their security guards. Communicating with clients could have not got any less effortless. Security guard management technology is reshaping the security guard industry every single day in ways unimaginable. Here’s how we believe [...]

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Why Your Security Guard Must Know Every De-Escalation Technique?

One type of security guard training that is often ignored is conflict resolutions. That’s because many security guard management companies do not realize the tremendous difference de-escalation training makes in the workplace. Below, we will look at the benefits that such training has for customers, security guard management companies, and the general public. Also, what makes de-escalation training a must-have conflict resolutions package for every security guard. Why Your Security Guard Must Know All De-Escalation Techniques? 1. Improve Workplace Safety In the past, we have witnessed how tensions in the [...]

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Using Accountability Of Security Guards System To Thrive Your Business

Accountability in today’s workplace regardless of organization or industry is critical to the success of all its employees, and the business itself. And without a powerful security guards system for a security guard company to rely on, it’s tough for any client to trust the security guard services being provided. And, then why should they? Often, due to lack of accountability, the workplace environment falls apart, morale disintegrates, standards crumble, and trust dies. Would you want to send a message to your staff that low standards are ok? Definitely not! [...]

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Avoid Micromanaging Guards On-Site Using Guard Tour Management System

Contrary to the word, micromanaging is a big issue that not only kills team spirit but suppresses initiative among security team members. This issue amplifies when the security manager has to manage guards performing on remote sites. Instating a guard tour management system can solve the issue and make sure the practice does not damage the essence and effectiveness of security guard management. Signs of Micromanagement In general, micromanagers tend to: Resist delegating and withdraw delegation before it is finished if they find a mistake in the work. Immerse themselves [...]

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6 Secrets Of Branding Your Security Guard Company

A business is as good as its customer base. But the mere task of retaining the present clients and guiding the new ones to your security business can be an uphill battle for a lot of security guard companies. Among all the possible methods a private security company can employ to create a customer base, the most effective is branding your security guard company. Although it is a long-term process and many private patrol companies may feel dejected in the process, but the effects and benefits are equally long lasting [...]

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How To Grow Your Private Patrol Business?

Growing your private patrol business will be one of the toughest challenges that you will face. But, it will be worth putting all your efforts to ensure the survival and economic well-being of the business. If you’re wondering what possibly can you do to make that happen, you can begin with identifying new customers & opportunities and so much more. So, get ready to know it all. To grow your private patrol business like never before. Identify New Opportunities The step to finding new opportunities begins with understanding your current [...]

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How to Use Accountability of Security Guards System For a Successful Business

Accountability in today’s workplace regardless of organization or industry is critical to the success of all its employees and the business. Similarly, without it in a security guard company, not using the perfect security guards system, no client would want to depend on them to deliver the security guard services. And, then why should they? Often, due to lack of accountability, workplace environment falls apart, morale disintegrates, standards crumble, and trust dies. Would you want to send a message to your staff that low standards are ok? Definitely not! So, [...]

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How to Efficiently Utilize Security Guard System’s Powerful Scheduling Module

Putting together security guard’s schedule and totaling up the hours for payroll is among one of the most dreaded work. These two tasks take hours of hard work with a high probability of committing mistakes. You’ll agree to this fact, in case you’re still manually performing them, then using a security management system schedule module. With growing business and new opportunities to plunge into, you could begin spending your valuable time on more important things like supervision or client contact leaving the rest of security guard system schedule module. Today, [...]

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Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Client Retention Strategies (Part:1/2)

The level of competition is at an all-time high. As important it is to gain new clients, it is equally crucial to creating client retention strategies to be able to conquer and win over the market in the long run. Instating a real-time guard tour system will bring efficiency and effectiveness to your security company management. This will serve as a foundation for your strategies for gaining and retaining customers. Well, it is sort of impossible to talk about it all in a single post if we are to understand [...]

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GPS Tour Monitoring System: Why Do You Need One?

If you aim to provide better services to your customers and ease the way you manage your security operations, installing a security patrol solution is not enough. Your security guard patrol app should be equipped with GPS Tour Monitoring System. This additional feature can do wonders to enhance reliability, increase efficiency and improve safety level as a whole. A GPS Tour System allows you to manage security guards at the remote site to ensure they are following patrol schedules and are safe. In case you are looking to install a [...]

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