We’re thrilled to unveil a new milestone in our ongoing journey of innovation and excellence in the security industry. Introducing GuardsPro 8.0.9 – a comprehensive software solution poised to revolutionize the landscape of security guard management.

Explore the key updates in GuardsPro 8.0.9:

User Settings and Registration Page:

  • Specify your time zone during registration for a personalized experience.
  • Seamlessly integrate time zone settings into user preferences for accurate time representation.

Dashboard, Post Sites Map Screens:

  • Enhance map control with the ability to enable or disable post-site geofence display on all maps.
  • Geofence display defaults to ‘on,’ ensuring instant visibility across the dashboard, guard profile map, and post site map.
  • Post site pins elegantly adorn maps for improved navigation.

All Reports:

  • Streamline reporting by replacing image and video icons with actual thumbnails for greater clarity.

Guard Profile:

  • Introduce two new columns (Charge Rate 1 and 2, Guard Pay Rate 1 and 2) in the post site profile for detailed financial insights.

Security Guard – Settings:

  • Set limits on hours worked in guards’ time clock settings to promote efficient time management.

Security Guard – Back-Office User:

  • Identify and resolve time log conflicts with options to proceed or delete conflicting entries for enhanced accuracy.

Scheduler – Attendance:

  • Bring conflict resolution options to attendance scheduling, similar to the back office user interface.

Time Clock – Time Log:

  • Enhance time tracking accuracy with the ability to add multiple entries in the time log.

Shareable Temporary Links for Reports:

  • Generate temporary links for reports, offering a convenient manual sharing option.

Guard Setting – Scheduler:

  • Configure auto-confirmation of published shifts in guard settings within the scheduler for streamlined scheduling.

Subscription Page and Module Page:

  • Experience subscription page enhancements and the introduction of a dedicated module page for improved organization.


  • Enjoy improved payroll functionality with the addition of separate multipliers for identical values.

Clients – Post Sites – Site Tours:

  • Introduce a new tag to indicate guard unavailability during time-off requests under the select tags field.

Scheduler – Schedule – Shift:

  • Create shift templates based on existing shifts, enhancing scheduling efficiency.

Client Portal – All Reports:

  • Clients benefit from a refined reporting experience with the removal of image and video icons, showcasing actual thumbnails.

Dashboard and Scheduler Stats:

  • Access detailed information swiftly with clickable stats in the dashboard and scheduler.

Elevate your security management to new heights with GuardsPro 8.0.9. Upgrade today for enhanced control and efficiency! If you haven’t tried GuardsPro yet, click here to enjoy a 30-day free trial.