One type of security guard training that is often ignored is conflict resolutions. That’s because many security guard management companies do not realize the tremendous difference de-escalation training makes in the workplace.

Below, we will look at the benefits that such training has for customers, security guard management companies, and the general public. Also, what makes de-escalation training a must-have conflict resolutions package for every security guard.

Why Your Security Guard Must Know All De-Escalation Techniques?

1. Improve Workplace Safety

In the past, we have witnessed how tensions in the workplace could escalate to violence. For instance, an employee disgruntled by a forced resignation or unemployment could seek retribution by trying to harm his former colleagues. Having a security guard trained in de-escalation techniques can improve workplace safety significantly.

2. Promote Resilience

Alternatively, a criminal could perpetuate a hostage situation on the premises. A security guard with de-escalation training could be useful in situations such as these. Using de-escalation techniques, such a security guard could lessen the chances of the situation escalating to violence.

3. Save The Lives Of People

Stopping violence can not only save the lives of clients’ employees but the life of the perpetrator as well. De-escalation techniques would also come in handy when security guards deal with suicidal persons. Which is why security guard training in CPR & first-aid can also be beneficial for worst case scenarios.

4. Handle Situations Calmly

During de-escalation training, security guards learn how to keep themselves and others calm during volatile situations. They learn how to watch out for signs that the situation is about to change for the worse. By doing so, security guards can prevent or at least minimize damage to property or person by violent offenders.

5. Reduce Property Damage

Take this example. A security guard finds a person vandalizing property & claiming activism. A security guard who can talk down such an individual then apprehend him can save the clients’ property from further damage.

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Setting The Records Straight With Guardso

Detailed written reports are the primary source of information for security guard companies. They provide a broad-spectrum of information about the circumstances that help understand why a certain action was taken by security guards. In order to do that you must ensure all your security guards are equipped with Guardso guard tour mobile app.

It will help them instantly report incidents. It will help you relieve a detailed report on how your security guards handled the situation they were in. The watch mode of Guardso guard tour mobile app further allows taking video & photos that can be attached to the reports as proof for worst case scenarios.


Giving your guards de-escalation training could mean the difference between saving lives and costs. Make sure to offer your every security guard this exercise if you want the best results for you & your client. As well as equip them with a powerful guard tour mobile app to receive detailed reports in real-time.