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Guardso Guard Tour System Updates You Missed In 2019

Guardso guard tour system came up with amazing new updates throughout the year to ensure that it makes your security operation smoother, security guards more productive, and clients a lot happier. We are more than thankful for your valuable feedback that made it all possible for us to work on features that your team loved.  Here’s a quick review of those powerful Guardso guard tour system features. Live Tracker Geofence Enter & Exit Logs - Track all your security guards more efficiently every time they enter & exit while working [...]

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Guardso Guard Portal Is Now Live: More Updates To Follow

Guardso introduces a dramatic new Guard Portal specifically for security guards. Packed with the same powerful features as that of Guardso mobile patrol app, it’s designed to let the guards do almost everything from a desk that they can from a client site using their mobile patrol app. Guardso Guard Portal is a version of a breakthrough mobile patrol app now available on the web. It’s convenient, easy to navigate, efficient, & faster for security guards to rely on it.  Everything Guardso Guard Portal Has To Offer Your Security Guards [...]

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New Guardso Guard Tour System Update Is Now Available

Guardso guard tour system is back with yet another perfect update, and we are thrilled to introduce the new features in Guardso Payroll & Messenger application. We have not only taken into consideration your valuable feedback to work on these features that your team will love but also took creativity & practicality a notch higher for you to have a great overall experience. These two features are designed to make the job of your admins or managers easier. They may be small, but definitely have greater capabilities to help you [...]

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The New Guardso 6.5 Has Arrived!

Not so long ago we released a major Guardso 6.0 update with exciting new features, and here we are today proudly introducing Guardso 6.5. This update is all set to ensure that it makes your security operations smoother, security guards more productive, and clients a lot happier. That’s the dream, isn’t it? So, let’s take a look at what Guardso 6.5 has to offer! Major Updates: 1. Detailed System Log Not being able to track who added or deleted what from the system can be exhausting. Correct, isn’t it? Well, [...]

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Guardso Enterprise Solution: The First Automated Enterprise System

Are you looking forward to expanding your private patrol company and taking it to the next level? If yes, we have just the right solution for you that will help seamlessly tackle all the problems often faced while managing several branches of a private patrol company altogether. Introducing Guardso Enterprise Solution, the first automated enterprise system. What Is Guardso Enterprise Solution? Guardso Enterprise Solution is a complete enterprise system that has been specifically designed to automate the entire private patrol operation of a medium to large private patrol company. So, [...]

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Introducing Guardso Bulk Attendance Reconciliation!

Punctuality, it is a virtue that shows how diligently security guards are committed to their job and responsibilities. But, due to a million reasons, they can still get late by a few minutes to work. And that should be okay unless it turns into a habit. Right? For a scenario like this, a brand new feature called Guardso Bulk Attendance Reconciliation to reconcile attendance has been introduced. Understanding Guardso Bulk Attendance Reconciliation Guardso Bulk Attendance Reconciliation is a unique feature in itself that along with Guardso Skill Set was recently [...]

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Introducing Guardso Skill Set: Streamlining Guard Tour Scheduling

Get Ready To Embrace Guardso Skill Set, A Brand New Feature! A career as a security officer is indeed highly rewarding & lucrative. Your security officers will certainly agree with that, won’t they? However, what puts them in that position is not just their experience, but also their skills acquired while working in the industry for years. Which is why security guard companies are always looking for the right security officers to meet their client expectations. When those expectations require specific skills, Guardso Skill Set, the latest update of Guardso [...]

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Breaking News: Guardso 6.0 With Exciting New Features Is Live Now

Guardso, the number one security patrol system is back with some major Live Dashboard, Scheduler, & mobile patrol app updates right here, right now. Excited much? If not, hold your breath you will be. So, without much ado let’s take a look at the brand new updates Guardso 6.0 is now equipped with. Live Dashboard Updates: Major Updates: 1. Guardso Payroll Integration Payroll for every business out there is one of the most important aspects, isn’t it? However, paying security guards isn’t as simple as multiplying hours or days by [...]

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Guardso Payroll Integration: Mitigating The Chaos Of Payroll

Introducing Guardso Payroll Integration! Security guard companies often have to keep double records of employees. One for their security guard management system and another for the payroll which often results in unnecessary double work. Correct, isn’t it? Since the natural data flow is disturbed, it paves the way for additional errors. This can be eliminated by integrating the two which we are more than glad to announce today as a part of Guardso 6.0 updates. We’ll be offering seamlessness Guardso payroll integration with a few well-known payroll providers of the [...]

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The Best Invoicing Software Is Finally Here!

Online invoicing software is one of the latest & the most amazing features Guardso guard tour system is now equipped with. Integrated into a guard tour system, it will help you scale your business unlike anything before. So, now it’s about time that you eliminate paper-based invoices that aren’t always the most efficient. And let this new addition not only make it easier for your private patrol company to support your growing business but also keep it highly professional. So, without much ado let’s get started to acknowledge the power [...]

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Introducing The Brand New Messenger Feature On Guardso

We are thrilled to announce that a secure messenger feature for your security guards is now available on Guardso guard tour solution! This new addition will make it easier for the managers to track the guards and pass on simple instructions more seamlessly. As for the guards, this new feature will offer an improved user experience, by allowing them to establish fast and secure communication between team members posted on the same post site. Highlighted Features: Among its numerous exciting new features, you’ll find the following: Check-In Based Chat Access Seamlessly integrated [...]

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Lookout, Guardso 5.0 Is Here With Brand New Features!

Team Guardso is always on the mission to provide its clients the best security guard tour system. And we believe, there is no better way of showing that to you than by adding new and more functional features to our web-based & mobile patrol app solution so you can sell your security guard services with confidence. Now, let us briefly take a look at the features we decided to add after careful consideration and of course your valuable feedback. For your convenience, the updates have been divided into two parts. [...]

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