At GuardsPro, we’ve always believed that security is a non-negotiable aspect of any business or organization. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide cutting-edge software solutions tailored specifically for the security guard industry. We understand that security professionals face unique challenges in today’s fast-paced world, and we’re committed to providing the tools they need to excel in their roles.

Today, we’re excited to announce the latest milestone in our journey of innovation and excellence in the security industry. We proudly present GuardsPro 8.0.8 – a comprehensive software solution that is set to redefine the way security guard management operates.

Brand new stats for scheduling
We are excited to announce that there is now a brand new stats section in the schedule page. It allows you to get an easy overview of different shift types and their status.

Save Shift Templates as draft
Users can now save shifts as draft making it easier for them to create and edit shift templates. 

New feature to confirm shifts in bulk
Users can now confirm multiple shifts under the shift status screen. Before this feature, users had to confirm individual shifts one by one which takes lots of time. Now users can perform the same action within seconds. 

New feature to copy registration link
In the past , sometimes the registration link for guards was not being received through email or sms, but now there is an option to manually copy these links and share them with the security guards manually ensuring that guards are registered right away.

New level of severity field in custom report
There is now a new field called Level of Severity which can be added in custom reports to add level of severity in the report by the security guard.

Color label for shifts and templates
Users can now label shifts and templates with colors to easily identify them among other shifts in the schedule page.

New time clock and payroll reports
We have made it easier to access multiple hours by report for Time Clock and Payroll by adding them to the reports section. You can access different reports data individually instead of using filters to access the date.

New report setting menu under settings
At GuardsPro our goal is to simplify the system and its processes. For which reason we have created a separate menu called Report Settings which will easily allow you and your team members to configure settings. 

Easily create category
Users can now create categories for clients, post sites guards, and back office team members right from the dropdown menu. Users do not need to go to first manage categories for each section.

Multiple email support for auto email rules
There is a new option to add multiple emails in the same or different auto email rules under the auto email report feature of the post site.

Custom grace period for the late shifts
There is a new feature to allow users to set custom time for late. Before, if the guard was even one minute late, the guard would be considered late but now you can have a custom time to apply this rule.

Enhanced site tour reports
Site tour report will now display scanned and missed tags along with the notes and the photos taken by the guard for each tour tag. Also, users can get a clear idea of the missed site tours tags and their location by clicking on the missed site tour tags. 

Enhanced vehicle profile under vehicle patrol
Users will now create a more detailed vehicle profile to include ownership status and vin number along with other details.

Enhanced filter to filter guard and back office team
Users can now filter security guards and back office team members  based on the clients, post sites, skillset, departments, and more.

New feature to archive back office team members
We have a new feature to allow users to filter back office team members instead of removing them from the company in case they need to be activated in the near future. 

Please join us on this journey as we unveil the software that will revolutionize security guard management, making it smarter, more efficient, and more effective than ever before. We invite you to explore GuardsPro, and discover how it will shape the future of security in your organization.