Effective internal communication is one of the most vital aspects of a security patrol company for enhanced productivity. But, it is also among one of the greatest challenges a security patrol company can face. Isn’t that true? And that too all because of the way we once used to communicate has drastically changed.

But, is that the only challenge a security patrol company faces? Well, certainly not! There are various others influencing internal communication which in turn impact the overall productivity of the security patrol company as well as the security guards. Are you aware of them? If not, here’s your chance to find out to take appropriate actions.

Workplace Culture

Company culture isn’t just a buzzword that doesn’t really impact the bottom line of your security patrol company. It’s actually what drives performance apart from a robust security patrol system. Despite that, there is no better way than a robust guard patrol system to start streamlining your operations.

It governs the way security guards in your company will approach problems & develop solutions without discriminating. So, start using, Guardso guard patrol system to begin enhancing the way your guards work. Allowing them to get site tours that are clearly defined, and post orders that leave no room for doubts. Guardso is a reliable system that has been designed to amplify internal communication culture for the purpose of improving security guard productivity.

In fact, workspace culture is also about sharing the company’s perspective with the employees on important issues to bring about positive changes. Therefore, defining company culture can become the guiding light to keep your security patrol guards motivated and encouraged to build stronger work relationships.

Team On The Same Page

Internal communication is that one factor around which the success of highly skilled professional security guards having access to the best security patrol system revolves. It is also this very factor that causes the most trouble between the team members when it goes wrong.

Therefore, it’s important for every team member to know what the other is doing instead of assuming and creating misunderstandings. Having said that, it’s essential for a security company to provide appropriate tools of communication to the guards to ensure it’s not where the problem arises.

So, before you take a step forward to introduce new tools to communicate just know that with Guardso you already have the option to streamline your internal communication. Passdown logs, watch mode and its amazing security reporting software can help in the completion of a project more productively helping both the security managers and the guards to communicate in real-time.

Encourage Autonomy

In order to increase the productivity of security guards, there is no better & effective way than to have the mangers back off. Reason being, micromanaging is second nature to them who have made a habit of it, which should not be encouraged at all.

What should be encouraged by them is holding regular meetings not only to resolve issues between the security managers and the security guards but also to get to know each other well. The managers instead of micromanaging should work on empowering the guards to work efficiently by setting up training sessions. Then be it to refresh the basics or to learn the advanced tactics.

In such scenarios, Guardso security patrol system allows the guards to take full ownership of the situation managing their own time, resources, & security reporting software with little intervention from the managers present at remote locations. And that’s what makes them highly productive in the long run for a security patrol company.

Measure Productivity

Today, the ability to measure internal communication & engagement is getting difficult, and its importance is increasing day-by-day. Leave alone that, the classic formula of productivity no longer applies. You can’t divide output by input to measure the productivity of a security guard as once you might have.

But, finding ways to measure them can help you target and increase the overall efficiency of your security patrol company. But, if you’re using Guardso guard patrol system, it’s one less thing you need to be worried about. Reason being, its spellbinding features allow keeping track of all the activities of the guards ensuring ultimate accuracy combined with 100% accountability.

Gone are the days where supervisors had to visit post sites regularly for inspection, at least while using Guardso. However, as stated by the law it is still highly recommended. In addition to that, the reports sent in by them using Guardo mobile patrol app can be analyzed and used to convince the leaders of the company of the growing importance of this very topic to take concrete actions.

So, are you going to take actions to change the way you communicate internally to make it better?