Security guards frequently no-call, no show more than others in any business. It is not possible to eliminate these instances altogether and that’s true. But, what is possible is finding out the reasons behind why security guards no-call, no-show and work on them to reduce the instances significantly. And here we are with the top 7 reasons you ought to know now:

Lack Of No Call, No Show Policy In Place

Nobody wants to work for a company with no rules, regulations, or policies. But no one also wants to work for a company that is so strict that its employees feel like they need to ask permission for everything, either. However, a clearly defined policy is crucial if a security guard fails to show up for work. 

It lets them know about how they can use their working time, holidays, paid leaves, as well as ways to notify you about their absences. Without these policies in place, there won’t be any way to hold your security guards accountable if they don’t show up to work.

GuardsPro SchedulerLack Of Streamlined Communication

Communication is the key – especially in a security guard company, where everyone needs to be on the same page and be working towards the same goals. 

Similarly, there needs to be a streamlined system like GuardsPro guard tour system in place that allows security guards to request time off or even indicate their availability for the week in advance right from their guard mobile app. This will help ensure security managers schedule only the available guards and significantly reduce no call, no show.

Lack Of Understanding Of Company Policies

Creating well-written no-call, no-show policies are great, but not enough. They need to be communicated and periodically reviewed with all the existing security guards. New hires need to be properly oriented to the company policies regarding asking for time off or scheduling changes. 

Further, any changes in the policies must be conveyed promptly. Doing so will ensure that all security understand the policies and are fully aware of the consequences of no call, no show.

Not Enforcing The Policy Consistently

Workplace policies exist for a reason. Without them, anarchy would ensue and no work would ever get done. Which is why enforcing the company policies plays a crucial role. It can have a major impact on productivity and employee satisfaction. 

So, enforce the no-call, no-show policies consistently. Show your security guards that you make no exceptions for some guards but not for others. Keep full records on any violation or when put under immense pressure to bend the rules. 

Inflexible Security Guard Scheduling

Security Guard SchedulerPushing your security guards too hard with long, inflexible hours can make them less productive and more likely to leave. Leave alone the mental burnout, the physical health complications, and the emotional resentment they have to go through.

In those scenarios, security guards find it futile to call as they know the schedule once set cannot be changed. With GuardsPro guard tour system, you can reduce such incidents by offering open shifts and the ability to swap shifts. Using GuardsPro Scheduler, you can effortlessly publish/unpublish shifts and make any changes therein available to your guards in real-time.

Not Using A Security Guard Scheduler

The greatest benefit of using an online security guard scheduler is that you can know in real-time when the security guards don’t show up as per their schedule. And when that happens the same security guard scheduler can help you quickly respond by assigning another security guard with the same qualification and skills.

GuardsPro Scheduler exactly does that utilizing GPS tracking as well as geofencing and instantly sends notifications of even the slightest delay on the client site. GuardsPro Scheduler also allows for creating vacant shifts in advance, so you don’t forget to assign security guards to client sites on a specific day.

Lack Of Work-Life Balance

Having work-life balance under control is essential to avoid burnout and also for the holistic growth of a security guard company. However, in the security guard industry, it is one of the top reasons why security guards no-show more frequently than others and also have higher quit rates.

Simple yet effective ways to ensure security guards too can have quality family time along with their job is by allowing schedule flexibility, encouraging short breaks throughout the day, allowing unpaid time off, and granting leaves easily.

Security Guard Management System

How To Avoid No Call, No Show Using GuardsPro Scheduler?

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