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Grow Your Private Patrol Company: 3 Hacks That Work

The security industry has become an integral part of our society, especially in a period such as now - when the crime has taken to an all-time high. Therefore, the global security services market is currently blooming with new opportunities for growth. Providing the perfect conditions for the growth of your private patrol company to greater heights. It may seem like an easy task to accomplish, but before you begin, you should know how to go about it. To compete effectively, you should know all about the growth strategies to [...]

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Guardso Security Patrol Software: Ways to Countermeasure Physical Security Threats

Technology in the past few years has grown by leaps and bounds. It has completely changed the way world once used to work.  Yet, physical security is the one that can never get replaced. Threats pertaining to it today are as much real as they once were, be it at schools, concert venues, business or any other facility. So, the question arises what countermeasures can be taken using a security patrol software to mitigate potential physical security threats? Here are a few strategies where you can use security patrol software [...]

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Guardso Security Patrol System: Ensuring The Safety Of Your Security Guards

At the end of the day, if the main concern of your organization towards your guards is not having each of them go home safe; you’ll need to update the list of your priorities. It has become more necessary than ever to build a robust security patrol system to ensure the safety of all staff and especially, the security guards deployed at remote patrol sites. In the past, a security guard company was forced to rely on paper reports and monitor via radios, but not anymore. The introduction of Guardso [...]

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5 Labor-Saving Technologies Being Employed in Every Private Patrol Company

There’s no stop to technology evolving at dizzying speed, but to expect it would be mere foolishness. Over the past few decades, it has tremendously transformed almost every job on the planet, and today, every private patrol company is proudly the part of that shift. It has evolved over time to include smartphones, high-end video surveillance cameras & drones, sophisticated integrated access control systems and it all still continues to evolve with the first versions of robot-guards. This shift, thus along with it has brought a significant change to the [...]

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How To Keep Your Security Guards Engaged Using A Guard Tour System

There is no denying the fact that human resource is a crucial investment. In the purview of security guard companies, it is important that the man-force is engaged and hence is able to achieve optimal levels of productivity and performance.  A security guard who is always on time does his patrols without fail and gains positive feedback from the clients is definitely an asset to the business. Like any other employee keeping your security guards engaged with their duties takes efforts, but it is not difficult. Let us have a look at [...]

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Private Patrol Companies Are Moving Their Operations To The Cloud. Are You?

An easy way to understand cloud computing is seeing it as computing services based on the internet. Rather than having applications on a physical computer, it is possible to operate applications using the internet. This form of technology has made professional services simpler to manage. Private patrol companies have benefited from cloud services immensely. In this article, we take a look at some of the advantages of moving your security guard management system to the cloud. Facilitating collaboration Cloud computing has improved collaboration amongst private patrol companies and other security [...]

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How to Stay Relevant: A Guide for Small Private Patrol Company

Private Patrol Company Can Stay Relevant if they give fair compensation packages keeps your clients safe and satisfied. There are giants and startups in the security industry, just like with any other sector of the economy. Big private patrol company have many advantages over their smaller counterparts. They have greater resources, so they can provide a wider variety of services. Private patrol company  employees are likely highly trained, and they can afford to be picky about who they take on as clients. So how does a small security company stay [...]

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