A lot of work is required to properly automate a team of security guards. Managing guard schedules and ensuring that each guard is fulfilling their duties and responsibilities is not easy.

Companies that just call in an incident report over walkie-talkie or rely on filling paper reports are much more prone to human errors. It could be losing an incident report under a stack of papers or failing to get incident information to the proper personnel. These ancient and inefficient methods can cause various issues for security staff.

This has driven an increasing number of security teams to use automation software for their security incident reporting.

So, how can automating your security incident reporting benefit your business?

Let’s find out.

Collection of Precise Information

A guard failing to provide adequate information when submitting reports is a big issue that hampers security incident reporting. This is a common issue with paper reporting systems.

When submitting reports manually, inaccuracy can also be an issue. Because these reports are filled out long after the incident had taken place, which makes it difficult for the guards to remember the details and time. These small errors can result in major holes in the reporting process.

An automated reporting system can help eliminate these issues. Back office management can set up a reporting system requiring the guards to fill out all the necessary information cells to submit the report.

Many systems also automatically fill in certain information, such as time and location stamps, eliminating the need for the security guards to submit that information. When combined with mobile access, accurate incident reports can be ensured with extreme speed.

Delivering Proper Info To The Right People

Failing to deliver the right information to the right people is another common issue that hinders security incident reporting. Attempting to convey reports via phone calls or emails can be confusing as both back-office staff and guards try to figure out who they should contact.

However, this won’t be an issue with an automated system. Management can input all necessary contact information in the automated system, which users can then access to send notifications and alerts to the right people.

This will eliminate the delays in the reporting and response time and also help the security team avoid miscommunication.


Equipped with an automated reporting system, your security team can ensure that the guards submit accurate and detailed information. This will also ensure that the information is transferred to the right people, which will enable a faster response to security incidents. And with efficiency in resolving incidents, you will be able to achieve better results for your clients, which will help you grow your business.