If you manage a security guard company, you know the struggle that comes with managing your task force. Keeping tabs on each security guard’s location and activity is tedious. Incorporating a professional guard tour software like Guardso can help to handle the monitoring of your security guards with ease.

Guardso, the elaborate guard tour software is designed to not assist the security guards on patrol but also to help them get their jobs done efficiently and to perfection. While the security guard tracking software that it’s equipped with can benefit your security guard company in ways unimaginable. Here’s how: 

Easier Conveyance of Information

The guard tour software makes it easy for the security guards on the field to receive and share information about their activities in real-time. The security patrol app installed on their smartphones enables them to receive location data & the action they are required to take. When communication is made simpler, the security guards are motivated to act accordingly and accurately to the call of duty.

Diligence Among The Guards

When employees are aware of the fact that all their moves are being watched, they are triggered to impress their managers by going about the business skilfully & diligently. Security guards are no different. Knowing they are monitored by a guard tour software equipped with a GPS tracker, they will be always careful to do their job right. This will further ensure they will not take time off work or delay in responding to emergencies.

Quick Response To Emergency Calls

One of the reasons why clients hire security guards is to make sure they can respond to emergencies quickly & effectively on-site. What makes security guards able to respond to them is the real-time alerts they receive on their security patrol app. Guardso dispatcher helps the dispatcher share dispatch tickets with incident details & precise location. The live map helps track every movement of the guard assigned, while live notes help pass on information in real-time for better incident response.

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Easier Record Keeping

A smart GPS tracking software isn’t only meant to increase your security team’s accountability it also enables real-time reporting and record keeping. Guardso GPS tracking software accurately shows continuous data of each guard’s on-site activity. The guard tour reports shared by them are automatically time-stamped, ensuring complete dependability. This way guard tour software allows them to manage & keep track of guard, and their contribution towards the company & clients easily.

QR Codes And NFC Tags

Did you know that Guardso guard tour software allows creating QR codes & NFC tags within the system for site tours? Well, they come in handy because all guards are assigned unique codes or tags. They, in order to complete their tasks, have to scan their codes or tags wherever they give their services. Hence boosting guard performance & productivity while encouraging completion of tasks among the guards. 

Security Guard Safety First

The GPS tracking features of a guard tour software can also ensure that your guards are protected at all times. The continuous monitoring not only makes sure of that but also the security patrol app installed on their smartphone is equipped with a panic button. That provides an additional layer of security to them by sharing their live location with guards on the same site and the managers in real-time when pressed.

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