All the business owners and event organizers who work with security guards want to assign guards who perform their duties as expected. Posting guards to an establishment isn’t only enough; the overall safety depends on the guard’s ability to be on their post, alert, observant, and ready to take action. Typically, a security guard company will offer some assurance to this effect, but if personal assurance is important for you, there are a few things that you can do. 

Request Reports from the Security Service Company 

To have a better idea of the effectiveness of security guards, you can request reports from the security service provider. Evaluating reports is perhaps the most effective method because security guard supervisors may be tracking their employees already. A security guard company may also be able to provide detailed performance metrics of the assigned security guards. 

Take Time to Assess Security Guard Reports 

Many business managers and owners carefully read the reports written by their security guards. Carefully reviewing a shift or patrol report can tell many things about your security guard’s work ethic. If possible, compare the report of an average day to a day when an incident occurred. Look for uneventful patrols that you know had certain unusual activity at the time. 

Ask Supervisors to Do Field Visit 

If you think the security guards aren’t performing their job accordingly, you should take your concern to the security service provider. This will often result in the supervisor visiting the premises without notifying the guard. Inspections and field visits tend to be very effective. Because these visits keep the security guards on their toes and also supervisor can detect other issues that you may fail to notice. If suspicions persist even after the field visit, then the supervisor may take corrective action, implement remote tracking or reassignment. 

Engage with Your Guards and Ask Questions 

Take time to get to know your guards and introduce yourself. This can go a long way toward motivating them to do their job. You can also drop in unannounced. However, it is not recommended to do so in a surprising manner. Instead, you can make a social approach that lets your guards know you want to get to know more about them.

Security guards tend to perform better if they know more about the property and life they are protecting. There’s no need to share personal information; instead, ask the guards some work-related questions such as if they have noticed anything suspicious or what they look for when they are on security patrol and their assessment of overall security. Even if you exchange only greeting, speaking regularly to the guards can have a motivating effect. 

Security guards are entrusted with the safety of property and people, so it is a good idea to learn how well they are performing. By following the above recommendations, you can ensure the professionalism of your security guards. And the easy way to do all these is a security guard management system. You can use Guardso security guard mobile app to observe your security guards better.