Working from home can surely lower productivity if it’s not under the right conditions. But then there are some jobs, security patrol guards, for instance, that can’t work from home and can still face the exact same problem. But, the good news for your security guard company is that there are ways you can make sure in this chaotic COVID-19 world to keep your security patrol guards productive. How? Let’s take a look at it. 

Clear & Ongoing Communication

Execution is more crucial than ever before. But clear and ongoing communication is the key part of this new reality. Its best practices include sharing clear post orders with security patrol guards on the mobile devices in real-time and providing them the ability to converse & share multimedia files with others via live chats. Using the Guardso guard tour system, the security guards on patrol can further create passdowns to keep others in the loop.

Create A Stronger Culture

By focusing on this aspect of your security guard company, both stability and results can be achieved seamlessly. To do that you will need to update the purpose of your security guard company with the current COVID-19 scenario. Further, leading by example and ensuring everyone speaks the same language and are on the same page can improve productivity by several folds.

Set Specific Security Patrol Goals

Goal setting is about not just setting a direction for security patrol guards to conduct site tours, but also about giving them some milestones achievement that will give them satisfaction both on the journey and once they achieve them. With the help of the Guardso guard tour system, these goals can be pre-defined in the form of tasks that can be updated & shared instantly with security patrol guards on their mobile app.

Equip Guards With A Mobile App

Among the most challenging activities for security patrol guards, reporting accurately and effectively is at the top of the list. It’s becoming even more difficult to achieve the desired results with the traditional method of reporting during the COVD-19 crises. Hence, equipping your guards with a mobile patrol app that enables them to create & share reports with multimedia files attached is all they need to improve their productivity on-site.

Track Guard Performance Remotely

A guard tour system such as Guardso is playing a major role in both managing security patrol guards and tracking their on-site activities during this COVD-19 crisis. Security managers using it can easily find out which guard is checked-in at which site, if the guard is performing the right tasks and conducting site tours regularly, submitting reports, & much more effectively. 

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