Accountability is a vital component in the security guard industry. Without it, security service providers cannot deliver the services people need from them. Accountability will help you get better performance out of security guards as your employees and your protectors. Managers and operators in every security guard company need to instill the principles of accountability within the security guard teams. The rewards you will get are definitely worth the effort.

1. Train Your Security Guards

Train your security guards to do their jobs the way you want them to perform. Make sure they have the proper qualifications and training required to respond to situations. Make sure they remain alert while guarding people and property. 

Make use of a security guard management system with a mobile patrol app that requires them and also helps them to file reports at the end of their shifts. When training is emphasized, it sets the bar for accountability because the security guards will have the tools and skills to do what is expected of them.

2. Assist Your Employees

Help them do their jobs by providing the tools, especially a mobile patrol app like Guardso, and information they need to perform effectively. Use frequent performance reviews to identify and correct actions and incidents. Also, take into consideration the customer’s feedback. Their views and suggestions on the ways the security guards can enhance their skills are vital.

3. Be Introspective

Be sure to hold yourself accountable. If there’s a failure, it’s your failure too. As the boss, you need to evaluate your actions and determine if it contributes to a culture of accountability and high standards too. If you find that your actions are lax know that you are also contributing to the failure of the team.

4. Promote Teamwork

Emphasizing the need for the security guards to work as a team can have a significant impact on a security guard’s morale and commitment to excellence. The result will be a long-term improvement in the quality of the services the company offers.

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5. Become A Leader

Be an example to your employees. Interact with them as they work and show them the high standards they need to aspire to. Try and be a figurehead that depicts the right behaviors and actions they should follow. This will set for them a bar to live by and aspire to reach. Help them adopt these values to their daily routines.

6. Celebrate The Wins

Was the burglary stopped? The tenant of a building under your security guard company’s protection was saved from a band of muggers? Celebrate these small victories and applaud the security guard’s achievements at any and all opportunities. 

This goes a long way towards boosting their morale and showing security guards that their efforts are appreciated and recognized. In addition to reinforcing accountability, positive reinforcement creates loyalty and leaders that the security guard company can depend on.

7. Nurture Potential

Everyone starts as an inexperienced security guard before turning into an expert. Spending time with the security guards will help you discover the recruit’s potential. It’ll also help you identify the security guards that need more training and the areas for security guard training. This can be used to develop individualized solutions that can help security guards reach their full potential.

So, how do you plan to hold your security guards accountable? Do comment below to let us know.