Does adding value to your security guard services mean providing a clear and measurable value proposition to the clients while significantly reducing risks & mitigating threats at hand? If not, now is the right time to sit down and think of what can be done to provide security guard services that go beyond traditional ways so the clients can get a great return for each billing dollars.

With that in mind, given below are a few reliable and effective ways to add more value to your security guard services. If you’re ready, then let’s get started.

Define Security Service Offering

The first and the most important steps of all towards adding more value to your security guard services begin with understanding your customer’s security objectives. It’s a highly effective approach when you are focused on providing high-end tailored security guard services. When you ensure they are aligned with what you are offering to your clients, and is also reflected in your marketing strategies there will be no goals you won’t be able to achieve.

Hire Qualified Security Patrol Guards

Every state in the US has different requirements when it comes to the amount of training required by the guards before and after receiving the guard card. Which is why if you wish to add value to security guard services, before hiring security guards do verify their qualifications as per your state requirements. In fact, conduct an interview and get to know them. Find out about their extra credentials and experience that can be useful.

Provide Training To The Security Guards

One of the main reasons behind not being able to provide adequate security guard services is due to the lack of security guard training. And truth be told, their job is a skill that requires relevant knowledge. So, in order to add value to your services don’t just re-assess the orientation being given to the guards but also look into the different kinds of training that can be provided to them for additional benefits. For example:

  • CPR & first aid training
  • Site-specific training
  • Pre-assignment Training
  • Scenario-based training & more

Embrace The Guard Patrol Monitoring System

Managing a security guard company is tough but not tougher than tracking security guards from a remote location. That’s where a guard patrol monitoring system, a modern marvel that makes use of GPS comes into play. Integrated into Guardso security company management software, it allows tracking security guards every movement on-site. Thus, allowing not only to enhance management capabilities & guard accountability but also take data-driven decisions in real-time.

Perform Random Security Inspections

Security guard when left unsupervised can tend to feel that the job they are performing isn’t important at all. And that’s when they adopt unprofessional behavior that needs to be kept under check. In such scenarios conducting random security inspection to improve security guard services are highly recommended. These inspections can be performed in person by the supervisor or with the help of guard patrol monitoring system in the form of:

  • Random spot checks or guard check-ins and much more.

Measure Key Performance Indicators

Evaluating the performance of security guards is essential. Reason being it’s what helps them to perform their duties to the best of their abilities which in turn only adds more value to the security guard services. But, how do you measure your security officers performance? We say, using the key performance indicators! They are as followed:

  • Reports: Their ability to create clear, detailed, and professionally written reports.
  • Knowledge: How proficient the guards are in all security procedures?
  • Appearance: Are the security guards well dressed and equipped for the job?
  • Attitude: Do the security guards have a positive attitude towards their job?
  • Public Relations: How effective are they working around people?

Functional Guard Tour Reporting

Reporting is an important aspect of reliable and professional security guard services. Not only does it enable communicating every little detail to the management in real-time but also significantly improve your offerings to the clients. Guardso security company management software does it by allowing the guards to submit reports with photos, videos, and audio files attached from a mobile patrol app. As for the clients, they can view all those reports securely on the client portal.

Reliable Security Guard Scheduling Software

Security guard scheduling today is more than a fill in the blank spreadsheets. To be honest, they are integrated programs that can do everything and therefore, are worth investing. Having a reliable security guard scheduling software is the key to provide excellent security guard services. Guardso with it’s easy to use interface and practical features allows managers to do much more. For instance:

  • Open shift feature allows the guards to pick & choose the shifts they want to work.
  • Shift confirmation lets the guards verify to give the manager extra confidence.
  • Swap shift allows the guards to exchange the saddened shift with another guard.
  • Vacant shift let the manager create a shift in present to assign guards in the future.

Professional Integrated Payroll System

Payroll is one of the most critical operations for every business out there. Isn’t it? No business can do without it then be it paying your own staff or billing your clients. A professional payroll system will help you run the process with greater efficiency, speed, and confidence. With that in mind, Guardso in its latest updates introduced payroll integration. Now you can streamline the payroll process with the best in the industry today.

Guardso Payroll Integration includes:

  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Gusto Integration
  • ADP Integration

So, what way do you plan to add more value to your security guard services? Do comment below to let us know.