GuardsPro guard management software has seen the evolution of the security industry and assisted hundreds of private security companies of all sizes.

Typically, when private security companies are choosing a guard management software, they evaluate functionality, product demos, and client reviews. However, there are other aspects that will help a private security company understand how supportive GuardsPro guard management software can be in its pursuit of success.

Take a look and find out how GuardsPro can assist your private security company.

Automated Management

In addition to real-time reporting, GuardsPro guard management solution also offers automated alerts to both security guards as well as managers. This serves as a reminder for security guards on-site by letting them know what exactly is required. It also offers great advantage to managers as they automatically receive alerts if a guard is a no-show, misses a checkpoint, or goes outside the geo-fence. This allows the manager to deal with the situation before the issue is noticed by the client.

Incident Reporting

GuardsPro’s comprehensive incident reporting helps security managers to stay up-to-date about what is happening on the post site in real-time. From DAR to custom reporting, this system enables one to run a number of security reports. This provides a great advantage to managers, as well as clients who can check the reports whenever they want on the Client Portal.

GPS and Guard Tours

GuardsPro guard management system enables guards to conduct custom guard tour sequences utilizing QR, NFC, and virtual tags. In addition to this checkpoint functionality, GPS verification and mapping are included to ensure that security guards stay on track and within site bound by your security contract.

Monitoring of guard tours, checkpoints, and tasks helps managers and clients to evaluate guard performance and allows a private security company to be more proactive.

Guard Accountability

It is not unusual for private security companies to find their guards sleeping or missing work. With GuardsPro’s ability to dispatch tasks directly to the field, collaboration and communication between security guards and managers become easier.

In conjunction with scheduled tasks, GPS maps, automated reminders, and guard tours, guards know what is expected of them, and managers are immediately notified when they fail to meet the expectations.

GuardsPro is a security guard management system that assists private security companies to run their operations successfully. Many private security companies have experienced continued success with the GuardsPro guard management solution.

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