For any security guard company, providing quality security guard services is important to ensure client retention and uphold their reputation in the industry. You need to ensure that your security guards are performing their tasks on time and completing their duty properly.

Not having knowledge of what your security guards are doing will have a negative effect on the quality of the service you are providing. That is why it is a must for a security guard company to have a security guard tracking system in place.

With a security guard tracking system such as GuardsPro, security guard companies will have access to all the required information on geolocation, guard tours, checkpoint completion, and more. This makes your security guard team visible and makes managing them much easier.

What Is A Security Guard Tracking System?

A security guard company can get real-time insight on guard activities with a security guard tracking software. It also makes the whereabouts of the guards visible to the security manager for added safety.

How GuardsPro Security Guard Tracking Software Can Help?

Improving security operations requires ultimate visibility. Here are a few things GuardsPro security guard tracking system can provide to make your security team more visible and your security operations more successful.

Real-time Tracking

GuardsPro can provide easy access to critical data whenever you need it. Managers won’t have to go through paper logs to learn what the team has been doing. With real-time tracking, managers can translate the collected data into actionable insights. This means having vital insights that all clients want to be reported.

Cloud-Based System

GuardsPro is a cloud-based security guard tracking system. Authorized persons can access it from anywhere in the world. So, the security guard company owner or manager can be anywhere, and he will still be able to ensure that his guards are delivering on the contract requirements.

Activity And Incident Reporting

Online reporting makes the entire reporting process much easier and more efficient. It eliminates the need for paper reports that are time-consuming and can get lost. Managers can also review daily activity reports and incidents in less time, which will save time and increase operational efficiency.

Guard Tour Monitoring

With guard tour monitoring, security managers receive complete insights regarding the whereabouts of their security guards. This provides attestation that the guards are performing as expected.

Real-time Alerts

One of the essential features that a security guard tracking system offer is real-time notification. This gives a manager better situational awareness of all activities and incidents taking place on all the sites. It also eliminates the need for email chains and other old communication methods, which saves time. Plus, the manager gets notified whenever an incident occurs, enabling him to take action before it gets out of hand.

Central Dashboard

GuardsPro’s dashboard provides real-time visibility of security guards on a browser map, making it easy for managers to pinpoint the location of their security guards. Plus, with the dashboard, managers can receive real-time notifications for incidents, missed or late shifts, and much more.

GuardsPro For Better Security Guard Team Visibility

A mere walkie-talkie cannot provide guard visibility and protection along the tour. If you use a security guard tracking system such as GuardsPro for your security teams, you will see better reporting, tour outcomes, and overall team safety.

And security guard tracking software is just a part of what GuardsPro has to offer. It is a security guard management software that can make your security operations efficient and better. Contact us for more information.