Tips for Security Guards

Security Guard Responsibilities and Duties: Our Comprehensive Checklist

From private corporations to public facilities, security guards play a vital role in keeping a location safe. However, do the security guards understand what their duties and responsibilities are? Depending on the location, the nature of security guard responsibilities and duties can vary, but there are a few aspects that can be found in most work environment. Ensuring that your guards fully understand the essential attributes of their job will make them better at creating a safe environment for everyone in the area. The following security guard responsibilities and duties [...]

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Top Challenges That Security Guards Face In Summer

There are situations when a security guard's job becomes a bit difficult. Especially in the summer time, security guards experience various challenges during their everyday job. Professionalism and careful approach are required in times like these. There are also some other tips security guards can follow to effectively keep on performing their job which are as follows: Direct Exposure to Heat During summer, static or patrolling security guards are exposed to sunlight. They become vulnerable to heatstroke because of this constant and direct exposure. Heat can become a hurdle during [...]

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