Contrary to the word, micromanaging is a big issue that not only kills team spirit but suppresses initiative among security team members. This issue amplifies when the security manager has to manage guards performing on remote sites.

Instating a guard tour management system can solve the issue and make sure the practice does not damage the essence and effectiveness of security guard management.

Signs of Micromanagement

In general, micromanagers tend to:

  • Resist delegating and withdraw delegation before it is finished if they find a mistake in the work.
  • Immerse themselves in overseeing the projects of others.
  • Get involved in correcting minute details instead of focusing on the big picture.
  • Discourage others from making decisions.

What’s Wrong With Micromanaging?

The security manager may be assured that the micromanaging is the perfect style of security guard management but it can do more harm than benefit.

  • Security guards become timid and tentative.
  • The security team will tend to hesitate from taking responsibility for their own decisions.
  • Serious and self-defeating drain on a security manager’s time.
  • It gets extremely difficult to keep up with analysis, planning, communication with the on-field staff.

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Avoid Micromanaging Guards On-Site

As a security guard company, it is fairly easy to defeat the demon – a security guard tour management system that can be accessed from the dashboard and a mobile patrol app is your weapon.

What follows are some ideas on using a guard tour management system to avoid micromanaging on-site guards:

  • Commit To Hiring The Right People: Experiment and create a system to hire the people who are committed to their work and possess the required skills to get the work done. After creating the desired team, leave the task of measuring and analyzing performance for the guard tour management system. You’ll be provided with in-depth daily reports so that even when the manager cannot be physically present on-site, performance is guaranteed.
  • Forget Minutiae And Focus On Results:Focusing the energy on tracking minute-to-minute on-field action takes away the emphasis from the bigger picture and the guards on-site sense distrust. Instating a security guard tour management system like Guardso makes sure you have all updates in the form of reports for the purpose of keeping the guards accountable. The guards enjoy the convenience of updating the on-site data using the mobile patrol app which can be later interpreted to measure performance.
    Aware, Avert: There is a thin line between being aware and micromanaging. If you use a correct guard tour management system you get notified on report submission from the sites and missed patrol checkpoints. The data is available at your fingertips so you don’t have to constantly glare at your screen for updates. Automate your data collection so you and the security team can cut down the dependence to do everything manually.
  • Make People Accountable: The goal is to create a productive team culture. It is much easier to create accountability using an efficient guard tour management system. It facilitates collection and analysis of data which can be used to provide feedback on performance. Make the guards accountable for their task, this improves their performance and encourages them to do better in their assigned roles.
  • Experiment To Delegate: Micromanagers hesitate to delegate for they fear underperformance. What a security manager can do is use a security guard tour management system which can be used on the mobile patrol app like Guardso. It allows the manager to schedule and track patrol compliance and the security guards to be responsible for their performance. This will foster trust among team members and take the burden off the manager.

When the on-site performance is monitored utilizing a guard tour management system, the manager can focus on the bigger picture without the need to focus on minute details.