In a world full of the latest technology, hiring security guard services is still one of the simplest solutions that business owners turn to secure their assets, employees, and property. Being highly effective and efficient, it is also the most economical way to add a human touch in the digital age. Every security guard, therefore, assigned should be a great fit to offer great security guard services. Hiring the wrong security guard can ruin your reputation.

So, here’s everything you need to know about prominent security guard traits you need to steer away from to avoid making bad hires.

Casual Behavior

Security guards with this trait are too cool about their duty. They never assign top priority to their duty and wait only for their shift to end at the end of the day. They are the ones who show no interest in looking out for suspicious activities to ensure complete security but may be found sleeping or using a lot of devices during the shift. Avoid them.


The one kind of security guard that must be avoided at any cost is the untrained ones. Without training these security guards, unlike the trained ones, are not in the position to handle any situation. In fact, they might cause a great loss to any business facility in case an incident occurs on-site.

Not Licensed

Hiring a security guard with a license has always been mandatory. It is one of the most important things that aware clients look for when hiring a reliable security guard company. Beware of false licenses too. Spotting one is extremely hard. So ask the right questions, check their resume thoroughly, as well as background for suspicious activities if necessary, and trust your instincts.


The reason why guards are overqualified for the position must be avoided is because they remain busy in their tasks and adventures which suits their qualifications. They are more dedicated to just earning their living. These kinds of security guards are a great loss for both the security guard company and the potential business facilities. Therefore, they must be avoided during the deployment process.

Guard Mobile App

Anger Issues

Every security guard is expected to offer some sort of customer service while on duty. But when the same guard is the one who’s always angry and not very friendly, offering customer service gets off the table. Thus, causing the concerned business productivity to fall down steeply. This security guard trait, therefore, should be recognized beforehand to avoid hiring the guards.


Indeed, brand new security guards will never have enough experience like old-timers do. They might turn out to be worse for a job that requires experience than for not having enough time on the job alone. In that case, hire security guards that have enough experience to get the job done or pair the new guards with a mentor who can help them, guide them as they grow into their position on field using guard mobile app.


Every human being has their own personal bias. But having a security guard on your team who is biased towards certain people cannot be good. You will need a security guard that is objective and focuses on what they see to ensure the safety of every person on the client site. They must be someone you can trust to follow the orders immediately without any bias too.


A security guard working on a client site cannot afford to be distracted. GuardsPro mobile app helps ensure that by letting you deliver post orders in real-time and create a list of tasks to be completed. Yet, many struggle trying to keep up. You’ll find those guards preoccupied or spaced out, having a hard time immersing themselves in their work.


A security guard can be a great resource for both the security guard company and the client to get the job done and secure the property effectively. Which is why it is crucial that you hire security guards that fit you and your client’s security needs. Remember, it is okay to say no. Build a team of guards for your security guard company that is highly professional and possibly with none of the above traits.