If you are a private patrol firm looking to upgrade to a patrol guard tour system, you may find plenty of options available in the market. But, to choose the best real-time guard tour system, you need to know the types and how each one works & can be useful to your private patrol business.

Here we have compiled the major types of  patrol guard tour systems to help you narrow down your search:

1. Watchman’s Clock System

A watchman’s clock is a mechanical based patrol guard tour system used by private security firms. It is the oldest type of guard tour system that has been in use since the mid 19th Century. It requires a key to manually punch a number in a strip of paper with the time pre-printed on it.

During the patrol, the security officer is supposed to stop at each key station to print the key number on the paper dial located within the watchman’s clock. This paper dial can be later used by a security manager to examine & determine if the patrols were completed on time. The paper dials could be filed away for future records.

Advantages of Watchman’s Clock System:

  • The most inexpensive type of system.
  • Easy to use.

Disadvantages of Watchman’s Clock System:

  • Only 30 or less key stations can be used.
  • This security patrol device is large & bulky to carry.
  • Every 24 hours, the paper dial must be changed.
  • Automatic reports cannot be created.
  • There are no incident codes to indicate abnormal conditions.
  • No real-time reporting of officer’s activity.

2. Electronic Guard Tour System:

Electronic guard tour system is similar to the previous patrol guard tour system except that it uses electronic components rather than mechanical. An electronic data gathering security patrol device called a “wand” is used instead, which is carried by a security officer on the patrol. But, sometimes a card may also be used.

The checkpoint stations used on-site contain a type of device that can be read electronically. On patrol, the security officer scans the wand at each checkpoint station to record the location & the current time. Most of these electronic systems also allow the security officer to record any abnormal conditions found at or near the checkpoint stations but in a complicated way.

At the end of the tour or shift, the security officer places the wand into a docking station to download information from the wand. This database can be displayed on the computer screen and/or printed for further use.

Advantages of Electronic Guard Tour Systems:

  • In comparison to the watchman’s clock, the wand is smaller and easier to carry.
  • Incident codes can be entered to record abnormal conditions on the patrol tour.
  • Missed stops and abnormal patrol activities can be easily identified.
  • The system can store many years worth of activities on a computer effortlessly.

Disadvantages of Electronic Guard Tour Systems:

  • More expensive than watchman’s clock system.
  • More complicated to use.
  • Does not provide real-time reporting of officer’s activities.

Guard Tour System

3. Advanced Patrol Guard Tour System:

It is a major improvement over the previous types of patrol guard tour systems and is presently used by most of the security companies for monitoring the on-site movement of security guards. Rather than depending on on-site key stations & punching mechanism, it uses GPS tracking technology, in addition to geofence to monitor the movement of guards in and out of the sites.

The security guards are not required to carry any special equipment. All they need is their smartphone and a mobile patrol app installed on it. The reports are submitted in real-time through this app and can be supported by images, videos, & audio files. Details reports are stored in secure cloud databases cutting down the need for paper reports and documentation. Also, when needed, the reports can be exported in different formats.

For internal management and client communication, it provides a live dashboard and a client portal, respectively. One of the major advantages of an advanced patrol guard tour system is that it streamlines and strengthens the communication flow among all stakeholders seamlessly.

Advantages of Advanced Patrol Guard Tour System:

  • No special equipment required, a mobile patrol app installed on the smartphone acts as a security patrol device.
  • Gives the guards the convenience to update on-site reports using the mobile patrol app in real-time.
  • Detailed reports shared by guards in real-time can be easily exported for analyses.
  • Detailed incident reports help identify activities on-site and their frequency.
  • GPS enabled patrol guard tour system provides real-time tracking of officer activity, and the supervisor is notified of missed sites and delays.

Disadvantages of Advanced Patrol Guard Tour System:

  • If the system is not real-time, delayed reporting may be an issue.
  • More expensive than an electronic guard tour system, but cost-effective in the long run.

The Latest Technology

As per the user feedback and utility offered, an advanced patrol guard tour system is the best option for investment. It enhances the capabilities of the security team and guarantees a superior level of on-site performance. Guardso is designed to cater to the needs of all stakeholders – the on-field security team, security firm’s management, and the clients.

Here’s What It Includes:

  • Ability to use a standard iOS or Android smartphone as a security patrol device by installing the mobile patrol app.
  • Intuitive Live Dashboard for effortless supervision from the security monitoring center.
  • Client Portal to manage profiles, communication, and report-sharing with the clients.

Guardso is a patrol guard tour system used by over 500+ companies worldwide. It is a one-stop solution to tackle accountability and communication issues. It combines utility with simplicity. Give it a try to experience it yourself.