At Guardso we believe that life is all about growing and improving things for the better.

We released Guardso 3.0 back in April and now we are working on Guardso 4.0 to surpass our own set standards by making Guardso even better because there is always room for improvement.

We appreciate and take note of the feedback and suggestions you send in through emails, intercom, and user feedback. After careful consideration of what our users expect from Guardso, we decided to include more functional features in the next version. What to expect from this release.

  • Brand new design of PPO Dashboard
  • Brand new design of Guard App
  • Brand new design of Client Portal

Here are some of the new features that will be included in Guardso 4.0

1. Assign Multiple Locations To A Single Guard: 
Now you don’t have to create a new shift for every post site when scheduling a guard to multiple post sites. The new update will allow you to assign multiple locations to a single guard. So you can plan out the schedule for the guard for the whole day, week or even months.

This feature will be highly useful for private patrol companies of all sizes.

2. Geo-Fencing: 
We are taking GPS tracking a step further, Guardso is now working to infuse geofencing into the app. It gives the supervisor the authority to define the area within which the guard is allowed to move while on-site using Google maps. Every time the guard moves out of this area the supervisor is notified.

3. Automatic Check-In/Outs:  
With the integration of Geo-Fencing, we are adding a new feature to our app where you can define setting to allow the app to automatically check In/Out guards when they enter post site within the geofenced area. This feature comes in handy for vehicle patrols shifts where guards are required to patrol multiple post sites.

4. Custom Reporting: 
Most of the times the supervisor wants to focus only on a few criteria that may be specific to guards or the client sites as per his discretion. The new custom reporting feature allows him to define the criteria for all reports.

5. Visitor Log For The Client Sites:
It is important to keep a track of people and vehicle entering the client site. Guardso now makes it possible to keep a virtual track of the visitors with the help of the mobile app. The guards can register the details of the visitors using their smartphone equipped with Guardso and can share the same with the supervisor and ultimately the concerned client.

6. Category Wise Arrange Guards/ Clients/ Sites: 
This feature has been added to make assigning easier when dealing with a large number of guards, clients or sites. Say, while assigning a post site to multiple guards, pick a category and just assign the site to as many guards as you want in one step, instead of selecting every individual guard separately.

This brings efficiency by saving time and effort.

7. Push Notifications For Mobile App:
Guardso 3.0 supported in-app notification but we are taking that a step further by providing push notifications to the guard so there is no lag in relaying important information to the guards. Our clients were concerned about the fact that once the guards are logged out of the app, there was no other way to communicate any information to them, other than resorting to the traditional method of calling. To overcome this, Guardso 4.0 will now allow for push notifications for guards on the mobile app so that they can stay updated with any important information.

8. Universal Settings: 
We are adding a small but important feature that will allow you to add universal settings to the entire system that will be applied to all guards and post sites. Setting like an automatic clock in and out, allow clock in before schedule, allow work after scheduled time, enforce clock in and auto approved reports and time logs.

Guardso is committed to giving the best customer experience to the security guards, supervisor, and the clients. Guardso 4.0 is one step forward towards being the best security guard management system.

Expected Release Month: September 2018